Thursday, April 12

My five-day vacation at Bacnotan La Union

I'm thinking, was it worth it to skip work on a Holy Week (I know I'd get deductions for it) but you never know until you actually do it. XD

Well, I filed my leave (unpaid), and joined them in a 6-7 hour travel to La Union. It's my first time to go up north again after all these years together with my wife, daughter and my in-laws to get there. We left Manila at 11:30pm on a Maundy Thursday and arrived at their hometown at almost 5:00am as the place was still pitch black.

Taken from Wikipedia

According to Wikipedia, Bacnotan is a first class municipality in the province of La Union, Philippines. According to the 2007 census, it has a population of 38,743 people in 7,183 households.

Ilocano is the language spoken. English and Filipino are the languages used in government and business while English is the medium of instruction in schools.

Economic activities in Bacnotan mostly involve farming, fishing, bee-keeping, pebble extraction, tourism and Portland cement manufacture. Bacnotan is the seat of the beekeeping industry in La Union. A mining engineer from Bacnotan who saw the limestone deposits in Dumarang (renamed Quirino) also saw deposits of coal and traces of gas.

Well enough of those facts (just look at it from the link up there). When we got there, almost all of them slept right away as they're to tired from the long journey. I set-up the laptop and tinker with it before taking some pictures and went to sleep. By the time I got up again, I was somehow energized and ready for the afternoon.  

The weather was really hot and humid during the day so we tried our best to cool down. However, internet connection is extremely slow as my wife could hardly connect to the internet using all service providers possible (Smart, Globe and Sun). Bacnotan is a very simple place to stay if you really want to unwind and to think over. 

What I really look forward to is the beach which was only 5-10 minutes away from our place where we stay. I'll try to do a separate post about it. 

After staying there for a couple of days, we had to go back to Manila. I was kinda sad because I wasn't able to do a long photowalk but the next time we go there again, I'll make sure to take those pictures. ^_^

Photos to follow soon.

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