Wednesday, April 11

The week that was (April 1 - 7)

Sunday: Got up early as I took Migmig out for a walk again. After 30 minutes or so, we ended up at Mc Donald's having breakfast. For an 11-month old girl, she eats like I do, almost except for the portion of course XD. Then we went back to spend the rest of the morning as I rested for a while. After my wife gave her a bath, we went upstairs to put her to sleep. My wife went online and I just watched Migmig as she sleeps. Later in the afternoon, after hearing mass, we went to Gateway as my wife wanted to go out somewhere. We went first to Rustans to look for somethings until I end up buying chocolates for my wife though she's not fond of it very much. Then we had our early dinner at Burgoo as we got a voucher from them with a free boneless buffalo wings. After we were served with our soup and our free appetizer, our baby got a bit moody and probably wanted to go home. I just decided to have our main dishes to go and took the next LRT back home. After putting Migmig to sleep, that's the time we had our dinner from Burgoo and shared it with my in-laws as well. I took the laptop down as my wife wasn't using it. I joined them late at midnight.

Monday: Got up early and took Migmig out for some fun in the sun before having breakfast there. Since her aunt was in the province for the Holy Week, I got my hands full in taking care of our baby. I just stayed with her the entire day and even turned the aircon on to cool down our room that feels like an oven. Later in the afternoon, I was struggling a bit as Migmig was getting more and more active that carrying her for almost an hour was like carrying the entire earth XD. Thank God my wife arrived and took over from there. I got to read Sunday's paper and went online for an hour before going to bed.

Tuesday: Got up at past 7:00am again but my wife took Migmig down as I got to get a few more minutes of sleep. When I got down, I am ready to take her out for a walk even for a couple of minutes. Then, we had breakfast at Mc Donalds, before going back home before putting her to sleep. It took me more than an hour to get her to sleep and took an hour of sleep as well. By the time she got awake, I got ready for work as her lola took over for me. Its hard to leave my baby knowing that my mom-in-law is also a busy woman but she took the time in taking care of her. I got in the office just in time for work. I got to do at least 4 tickets before having lunch at Chicboy for the nth time this year XD. After work, I took the next bus going home to be with my family and get some much needed rest.

Wednesday: Got up at past 7:00am as my left foot felt a bit numb. It made walking a little bit difficult for me too. When we got down, I put Migmig on her walker before my mom arrived. She took care of her while I prepared her bottles as well as cleaned the others. Then we went to Mc Donald's to have breakfast there but she got a bit moody as she wanted my pineapple juice. I had to empty my cup before giving it to her which made her smile. Then we spend more time home before my wife gave her a bath and I tried putting her to sleep after. She slept for an hour or so before getting up again and wanted to be carried. My mom-in-law gave me an assist and I got ready for work. I had to do a stop-over at Fully-Booked at Gateway to get the latest issues of my monthly men's magazine (I bought 3 of 5). Since I need to buy some stuff at the last minute, I bought some at The Landmark after having lunch at World Chicken at Glorietta foodcourt. I got in the office at 2:31pm and started to work on a few tickets (2 in all XD). It was quite a slow day as we didn't encounter much calls and emails and did some server monitoring (the usual). By night time, I was craving for a burrito and ended up at Baja's ordering their biggest burrito. I got really full finishing it on one sitting but left satisfied. I just had to wait for my shift to end before logging-off at past 11:00pm. I took a cab going home and arrived in almost 30 minutes. I got to spend some time with my wife before getting some sleep.

Thursday: Got up early again even if I'm on unpaid leave this Holy Week. I took Migmig out but we went to the two churches to buy a prayer booklet for me to use in next year's Visita Iglesia as again, I won't be able to do it for family reasons. When we got back, I gave Migmig to her mom so I could get a breather and prepare our things. On one thought, I was thinking if going on a holiday off would be well worth it as I know I'd get deducted from it but I guess I have to take my chances and enhance my experience. By night time, our bags are packed and all we had to do was wait for my wife's officemate to pick us up and head up north. He picked us up at 11:00pm just as I was watching Wrestlemania 28. Good thing there was no traffic on our way up north.

Friday: Were still on the road to Bacnotan as it took us almost 6 hours I was almost awake for the entire trip until we reached La Union only to open my eyes every time we encounter a sharp curve. We reached my wife's place at almost 5:30am and packed our bags down.We tried to connect to the internet using Sun but I was unfortunate I wasn't able to connect. Instead, I uninstalled my unworkable CS4 and installed Photoshop CS5. I also made sure I'm offline XD. I tested it and so far, I liked it. Then I tired taking some pictures of the place before falling asleep at 7:00am. At 10:00am, I am up again and took more photos. Since its good Friday, I did my best to abstain from food as I ate a little though my wife's relatives offered me their best Ilocano cuisine. I wasn't able to get some afternoon nap as the weather was so hot. My wife tried going online using our newly purchased Globe Broadband stick it could only do much as 85Kbps. By night time, Migmig was crying as she's probably not used to sleeping on a different location again. Thank God Migmig's aunt was there to pacify her and succeeded. I guess I found a way to pacify my daughter every time she sleeps at a different place at night. By 11:00pm, I lay down to sleep hoping I could do other things as well.

Saturday: Got up at past 8:00am for the first time in a long time XD. I got to take a few snaps before laying down outside. I was not in the mood to eat goat meat as I'm not fond of it but after being forced to, I just gave-in. But as I tasted goat meat, its hard to chew (probably, the goat was quite old already). After our early lunch, we rested for a while as the sun was high and the climate was way too warm. Thank God for the cool wind that blows across the house were staying as it helped Migmig slept through the afternoon. By sunset, I took out my tripod and tried taking pictures with the aid of it. Also its been a while since I took long-exposed photos of something that I completely forgot two things: first, remove any filters from my lens and second, set my lens' Image Stabilizer to off. The night was quite quick as I go to bed early again for the next day.

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