Monday, April 2

Magnum Ice Cream Bar: Over-Rated or not?

"Too much of an indulgence is definitely bad" XD

And I agree with that. That's why I gave Magnum Ice Cream Bar a try to see if its worth all the hype and indulgence. I did try not just one but all flavors to make sure I could do a decent comparison with each one of them. 

For 50 pesos (55 pesos at 7-11 outlets), most people say its an over-priced ice cream bar. Whether they say Magnolia's Pinipig Crunch is was much better than Magnum or its just a fad, I guess they either have untrained taste buds or simply its out of their budget (I do understand if they use the later as their valid reason for not trying) =P.

First, I tried their classic flavor. Its coating is made from Belgian chocolate which was pretty thick (thicker than Pinipig Crunch) while the vanilla ice cream tastes pretty good. The chocolate coating tastes similar to Cadburry while the ice cream tastes like Haagen Dazs. I'm not an expert when it comes to chocolates and ice cream but I think haters should give this a try, just even for a bite. 

Next is I tried their Almond variety. This would be my personal favorite as its like the classic variant with generous heaps of almonds. It makes my ice cream bar experience more swabeh with each bite of almonds on top of the usual coating and ice cream. 

And third, I tried their Chocolate Truffle. It an overloaded chocolate ice cream bar. Aside from the thick coating, it has chocolate ice cream inside with swirls of chocolate truffle. I'm sure chocoholics would dig in to this once in a while. 

Since I've first had a bite of Magnum, I kinda got addicted that I get at least two bars in a day. I'm sure the addiction will stop but for the haters, why not grab a bite before you criticize. =P

Pictures to follow. XD

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