Sunday, April 1

The week that was (March 25 - 31)

Sunday: Got up early as I had to take Migmig out for a walk. With her bursting energy, I had to exhaust all energy I had to make sure I could keep up with my daughter. After that tiring morning, we had breakfast at Mc Donald's and Migmig ate a lot before we went back home to get some rest. When I got up, I was able to go online for an hour before going back and stayed home for most of the afternoon. By 2;30pm, we got ready and went to Loreto Parish to attend the 3:00pm mass. Migmig was quite nosy so I took her out with me so my wife would be able to focus on the mass. After that, we went to Jollibee Mendiola to inquire about our baby's first birthday party. We wanted a 3:00-5:00pm schedule but we got the 12:00-2:00pm instead as it was already taken by someone else. after settling our requirements, we went to SM Manila to buy some stuff for Migmig. But I never knew that my wife would be buying 2 sandals as well XD. For dinner, we went back to Tokyo2 as first, its the fast food we knew that has a high-chair and two, the food choices were much better as we could also feed our baby as well. We took a cab going home as it started to rain. When we got home, my wife put Migmig back to sleep as I got to read Sunday's paper that night. I got to satisfy my cravings for Magnum Ice Cream bar before going to bed.

Monday: Got up early again and took Migmig out for a walk despite feeling so tired and sleepy from the previous days activity. Thank God her aunt arrived on time and took care of Migmig. We left home at almost 10:00am as it was her check-up with her doctor. We took a cab going to the hospital and arrived early at 11:00am. While her aunt was putting her down to check her weight, she's having tantrums again and doesn't want to cooperate. When I tried to put her down, she stayed put and got her weight accurately. When it was her turn, she went nuts as she cried so loud she also tried to fight her way but I assured her that it won't get hurt. As she cried loudly, she looks left and right as if she's looking for her mom but she's wasn't there. After her check-up, we had lunch at Rack's in SM Megamall. I really got full as we went back home and tried to put her to sleep but she didn't slept. I was able to go online and wash some of my clothes before taking care of Migmig from her aunt. Her mom arrived at almost 8:00pm and from there, she took over. I got to watch TV but my body felt very heavy as the clock nears midnight. I went up to bed at 11:30pm and joined my baby as my wife was still online.

Tuesday: Got up at past 7:00am as my mom paid us a visit. She told me that my dad was doing better as she enjoyed spending a few minutes with Migmig. Then we went out but I didn't took her walker with us as the weather was cloudy to the point of a possibility of a rain pour. Then we had breakfast at Mc Donald's again for the nth time as I fed Migmig with real food. She somewhat enjoyed it but I think her mom would do this better than I do XD. When we got back, we went upstairs so she could crawl freely within our room. She seems so full of energy as I felt sleepy by 8:45am. As her aunt would be arriving late, I had to be with my baby the entire morning. With the help of her morning milk, she was able to get her much needed sleep and I slept as well. When she got up, I had to be up as well. Thank God her lola was there already so she took care of her while I had my lunch and get ready for work. Her aunt has arrived after a few minutes and took over from there. I immediately got ready for work and took off. I got in the office early and started working. Work was okay as I got a helping hand from my colleague. I had dinner at Adobo Republic but I ordered Sisig instead of Adobo XD. I got to log-off at past 11:00pm and head home.

Wednesday: Got up early as I took Migmig out for a walk before having breakfast at Mc Donalds. I had her try some pancakes and she liked it. She could have eaten more if I had her bottle of water with me and her diapers were dry. When we got back, her aunt was already there together with her daughter (Migmig's cousin ^_^). I took the laptop down to go online and to pick some of Migmig's best pictures and I was able to go through her first 200 days, meaning I need to check a few more within the next few days. I was able to leave home at almost 12:00pm and took the same route. I had to get some money as I stop by SM Makato to buy some diapers for Migmig as well as my man-essentials as I'm running out of stock. I got in the office quite early and since I haven't had lunch, I ate at the building's cafeteria and there were a few left. When I got back, it was work for me as I got to fix some tickets. I got to do some transactions at the bank (paid for a voucher to be used soon). For dinner, I was thinking of a pizza-pasta from Greenich but I still ended up at Chicboy for some reason XD. By the time I got back, the phones were sent to us as I got around 3 calls in less than an hour yet I was able to complete those calls. While I am working, I was able to upload some pictures to my blogs to make it more presentable. Nothing beats a good entry with some visuals to stimulate one's viewing ^_^.  I logged-off at almost 11:30am and took a cab so I could get home quickly. I was hoping I could get a Magnum bar but I failed XD. When I got home, I got to do some of my daddy-duties before going online for a few minutes before finally getting some sleep.

Thursday: I had to get up as early as 6:15am as Migmig was already awake by 6:00am. With little sleep I had, I took her down with me and did my morning rituals first. Then we went out for her walk for a couple of minutes before having her breakfast at Mc Donald's for some reason she got afraid of one of the service crew hence she started crying out loud. So loud I felt embarrassed I had our food packed to be taken home. Thank God, her mom was already awake when we got back. She was the one who feed our baby until she got full and a bit sleepy. By 9:00am, I went upstairs to check on her and she was sound asleep.I joined my baby for a few hours of sleep until she got up at past 11:00am. Then I had to prepare quickly so I could report for work without problems. I got in the office just in time and took some calls before having my late lunch at Chicboy for the nth time this week. For some reason, I find having lunch there more affordable as I don't exceed 150 pesos in making myself full but I fear of my health at times since food there is very rich in cholesterol. XD. When I got back, I helped my colleague in the rest of the tickets before calling it a day and went straight home.

Friday: Got up at 6:15am as again, Migmig was already awake as early as 6:00am. As her mom was still sleepy, I had to take her down so she could do some exercise. Since it was raining, her lola hasn't set-up their clothes to sell yet not until 8:00am as her aunt has already arrived. I took our laptop down again as I need to transfer some files from my CF Card to our PC as I need the space for tomorrow's MIAS 2012. I also selected some of Migmig's pictures for me to have my wife choose. By 12:00pm, I'm on my way to work though it was slightly raining. I felt weak and heavy as I'm reaching the office but a bar of Magnum somewhat lifts my mood and made me somewhat productive. I was anxious if we would be receiving our paycheck today. Thank God we did so I went to Greenbelt 1 to settle our internet bill. After settling, I passed by Fully Booked to check if the book I was planning to purchase was there. Fortunately, there was still a copy left so I had to grab it before its gone. I also passed by Healthy Options adjacent to Fully Booked and to my surprise, I saw a lot of options for Migmig's baby food. So many options I feel why I had found this a few months late when my daughter can now eat solid food without problems. Then I was looking for a place to eat at Greenbelt 3 when I decided to go back to Healthy Options to get some baby food for Migmig that she hasn't tried before. Then I had my late lunch at Pepper Lunch since I haven't been there for a while. When I got back, I had to do some data gathering which took my second-half of the shift and got me preoccupied. I went out for a while to grab a quick bite at CBTL before finishing the task my boss asked me to do. I was able to finish it just as my shift was about to end. By the time I logged-off, I wanted to get home as quick as I can but it took us a while as my colleague suggested to hail a cab at the Solaris Bldg, but we reached past Columns in Gil Puyat cor. Ayala Ave. When I got home, I had to prepare Migmig's milk before getting my gear ready for MIAS 2012. I joined my baby by past 1:00am.

Saturday: Arghhhh. Migmig was already awake as early as 5:15am and I just slept at past 1:30am. I tried to get some more sleep while my wife try to put Migmig back to sleep but she wasn't able to do it. By 6:15am, our baby was almost in tears wanting to go out to have some fun in the sun. I had to get up by 6:45am or I think 7:15am as I wasn't thinking straight yet. When we got out, we had breakfast at Mc Donald's. I checked if she would cry when she sees a crew from them. Thank God she didn't. In fact, she even smiled at one of them as I got to feed her with some pancakes I am having. When we got back, she even played more in our room when I was hoping she would go to sleep early this morning. When my wife felt she won't go to sleep yet, she told me to get her things ready as she'll be taking a bath. After that, it was my turn as I left home early to attend MIAS 2012 (I'll be writing a blog about it). When I got to WTC, I took a quick lunch before getting ready for taking pictures. I stayed there until 6:30pm and took the bus to Makati not to work but to upload my pictures. Before getting there, I had dinner at World Chicken and had my Chocolate at Gongcha before walking my way to the office. I felt so tired when I reached the office but I got to transfer my pictures before uploading some of them. By 11:30pm, I took a cab going home as I feel so tired but I wanted to get a Magnum bar but I failed. I wanted to get some sleep as soon as I got home. Good thing Migmig was fast asleep when I lay down and tried to get as much sleep as I can.

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