Sunday, March 11

The week that was (March 4 - 10)

Sunday: Got up at past 7:00am as I took my daughter out for a walk. As Migmig grows old, she gets more active giving me a hard time catching-up with her. For someone like me who used to be so physically active, age catches up fast that I feel some pain that only a 50-year old man has. When we got back, her mom took over as I got to rest for a while. I just stayed home and assist my wife in taking care of our baby for the day. By 2:00pm, I felt so sleepy so I dozed-off before my wife and baby joined me. It was quite a humid afternoon as Migmig kept on crying as her diapers apparently needs to be changed. After that, we went out to her lola for some cool air and I got to spend more time with her. Then we went back as my wife was dressed ready to go out. Well, we went to Llanas fist as my wife needs to buy something but we were unable to find what y wife needed. So we head back home so I could change my clothes and we head-off to SM Sta Mesa. When we got there, we went to Watson's first to buy my wife's needs before going to the third floor of SM Department Store to buy some baby stuff for Migmig. Then we had dinner at Tokyo-Tokyo as there was a high-chair available for my baby. I can't help it but smile as my baby smiled a lot while we were there. When we got back home, it was time for our baby to take her beauty rest. I got to read Sunday's paper and enjoy the rest of the night before going to bed.

Monday: Got up early to take Migmig out for a walk. She was able to walk a lot and I got to bend over a lot as I need to put her shoes back over and over. Thank God her aunt came as I was able to do other things. I set-up out laptop so I could go online and more importantly, edit some old pictures. By 11:00am, I am thinking whether to buy HIN's (Hot Import Nights) VIP tickets or should I wait. With much excitement, I went to SM Manila but first I had to go to their customer service area to renew my SM Advantage Card (I might write a blog about it). Then, I proceed to Concorde at the basement to buy a ticket for myself. After taking a glimpse of the ticket, I bought it right away so I would be able to secure myself a slot at their VIP party on the 24th of March. Then I stopped by Booksale to buy some magazines for my collection before having lunch. I toured the entire SM Manila only to end up at Rairaiken and had a bento. Feeling full and sleepy, I took a cab going back home so I could start editing Migmig's pictures. So far I'm done editing her 2011 pictures leaving me to edit 2012 some other time. By 5:30pm, I took Migmig from her aunt as we went to her lola's store and spend the rest of the afternoon there while waiting for her mom. an hour later, she got home as our baby missed her. From there, it was her turn to take care of her as I almost took a nap. Eventually, I went to bed a few minutes past midnight.

Tuesday: Got up a few minutes past 7:00am as my mom paid us a visit since she miss Migmig already. Then we went out for some fun in the sun as I went online for a few minutes before going back home. By 9:00am, I set-up the table to take pictures of some items that I had to include in my blog. That includes, 6 planners and my DSLR box. Then I head off to work and got in the office with plenty of time to spare. My colleague just came back to work from her 6-week training at Belgium and she gave me a bar of Belgian chocolate. All of us in the team asked her how was her experience there. Though I felt a little bit envious that she got to travel, I never regretted my decision of turning the offer down so I could exit the company by the end of September. Work was quite steady as I got to do some emails to answer. For dinner, I went back to Pepper Lunch to have Beef Teriyaki with Egg and enjoyed my meal before going back to work. After shift, I took a cab so I could get some sleep early but when I got home, my wife took some of my space as she's still online Eventually, I got my space back as I turn on the aircon before going to sleep.

Wednesday: Got up a few minutes before 7:00am as my body was still tired from last night as I haven't got a good sleep last night for some reason. With an ounce of strength, I took Migmig out for some fun in the sun but the sun didn't came out. I had to go home to do some morning rituals when my brother-in-law took Migmig back home again. To spend more time with my baby, I put her to her walker until she wants to be carried again. Though I feel so cranky with little sleep, I made sure my girl would be comforted and well taken care for as we went back upstairs as I changed her diapers (her mom was still sleeping at that time). When her aunt arrived, she took over I got to doze-off from 8:45am-1030am as I had to give our bed to Migmig who already slept at the sofa downstairs. It took me a while to get me going and left for work. Then I passed by my favorite magazine stand at Landmark when I saw 3 back issues of DPP for only 295 pesos. I didn't think twice as I bought all three back issues as well as March issues of Rogue and Esquire Phils. That's more than 1,000 spent only on magazines XD. I got in the office with plenty of time to spare so I just set-up my PC and checked my facebook account first. As I feel a bit weak, I bought some noodles from 7-11 to keep me going. Then we were required to attend a talk on how our retro-pay were computed. Some of my colleagues disagreed on how it was included that made me a little bit more confused. They could have just emailed us a detailed procedure on how our pay were adjusted. I got two calls before having dinner from Chicboy. My mind wasn't in the office as I wanted to go home to get some rest. But I logged-off at almost 11:30pm as I know my wife would still be awake. I got home at around 12:30am and turned-on the aircon to cool our room so we could sleep comfortable even for only a couple of hours.

Thursday: Got up at past 6:30am as I felt that my head was getting split into two. The pain was so unbearable I felt that "pangingimay" scared me as it could show a sign of high blood pressure. Still, I went out with Migmig to have some fun in the sun without using her walker. Then we went back home once her aunt arrived. I had breakfast as her (Migmig's Aunt) husband paid us a visit. By 8:45am, I went upstairs to get some nap hoping that the pain goes away. When I got up at almost 11:00am, the pain still lingers and it got worse. I had to inform my colleagues that I won't be able to report for work before going to the drugstore to buy some medicines. I got back home and set-up the laptop to do some comment exchange and play my Mafia Wars. After I'm done, I edited some of Migmig's pictures that will be used as birthday invites. I noticed that some of the pictures my wife chose were taken from her mobile phone which took me a hard time to edit as the quality was quite bad. By 5:30pm, I took Migmig out for some fresh air and had a snack at Mc Donald's. I had her try some spaghetti and she seems she likes it. My wife arrived while I'm talking to one of Mc Donald's staff inquiring for their birthday packages. I checked the party area and it seems spacious enough for 80-100 people. However, I don't like their chicken-spaghetti combo at Mc Donald's. Jollibee's version tastes better. We inquired at Jollibee but they do only baptismal events there. Which means, the nearest Jollibee in our place that can hold birthday parties is their Mendiola branch but we might go there some other time. When we got back home, my wife took Migmig upstairs to put her to sleep. I think Migmig slept at almost 9:00pm. I joined them at midnight as I had to watch the late night news. I noticed that my right foot seems to be uptight. I tried to twist it clockwise and counter-clockwise to make sure it will be alright the next morning.

Friday: Got up at about 6:30am, having a good night sleep but there is one problem. My right foot got swollen for the first time. It used to be that my left foot gets swollen most of the time. But when I tried to walk through the pain, the pain was unbearable. It took me a few minutes to go downstairs when I can go down in less than 10 seconds. Still, I took Migmig out for her morning sun but it took me around 10 minutes to get there and 10 more minutes to get back home when I can carry her in less than 5 minutes going back and forth. I had to buy medicine from the drugstore and my trip took me 30 minutes when I can do it in less than 10 minutes. Now that's a big problem when one of my foot gets swollen. Again, I informed my colleagues that I won't be able to report for work for the second straight day. Instead of sulking down, I edited some of Migmig's pics taken from our old digicam after going online until noon. I felt so sleepy at 1:45pm so I dozed-off and resumed editing by 3:00pm. By 5:00pm, I'm done with all of her digicam shots. I had some snacks first before joining Migmig upstairs so her aunt can go home early. With my right foot swollen, its really hard to move freely as I have to be so careful. My wife arrived after an hour probably. As the night progresses, the pain slowly subsides and I hope by Saturday, it would be all gone. I just spend the night downstairs before heading to bed at midnight.

Saturday: Got up at past 7:00am felling a little bit better now though I's still cautious about my right foot as it still hurts when I try to walk normally so I had to be more careful. I took Migmig downstairs and out for a walk and taking her down with me took me more than a minute as I have to be very careful with every step. We spend an hour outside before going back in to cool down. By 9:00am, we went upstairs so she could wake her mom up. Then my wife took over in taking care of our baby as I assisted her in giving Migmig a bath and other things before she went to bed upstairs. I have all of my things ready downstairs so that I don't have to go up and down the stairs. I left home at past 11:00pm and had lunch at Food Extreme. I enjoyed my lunch so much I didn't notice that time passes by. I took a cab going to the office and got there at 12:30pm. I got to set-up early and checked some of my online profiles as well as my work email. By 3:00pm, I transferred to my work PC and got to update some of my old entries. By 6:30pm, I went out to have dinner but the question is where? I took a jeepney ride to Glorietta but I wasn't able to make up my mind. Then I head off to Landmark to buy an old issue of DPP and their latest issue as well. I head to Greenbelt 5 to look for a place to eat until my feet led me to Greenbelt 3. I was bent on having dinner at Fish and Co. until I wanted something Mexican. Good thing there's Baja Mexican Cantina to satisfy my appetite. I ordered their biggest burrito as one the servers warned me that I may not be able to consume all of it. Eventually, I finished all of it just in time that my tummy got really full. I got back in the office after being away for almost 3 hours. Work was quite okay as my colleague was there to assist. I got to do some comment exchanges as well. I left the office a few minutes past midnight as I took a cab going home. I was so sleepy on my way but I was able to muster enough energy to reach home. Once I'm home, I prepared Migmig's milk as I feed her when I got upstairs. My wife told me that our daughter was getting more and more active as they went to SM Manila earlier. Tomorrow would be another week for me. I just hope I could update all of my 50 blog drafts as I would have 2 days to do it. XD

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