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Twenty-Eleven: The year that was

Twenty Eleven was a very significant year for me. A lot of things have happened that changed me for the rest of my life. Be it good or bad, twenty eleven proved to be a good and challenging year moving towards twenty twelve.

Anyway, instead of sharing what happened last year month after month, I’d give some significant details of what has happened last year.

1. The Arrival of Migmig: Everything has change the moment she was born. My wife who is not so affectionate towards me became so loving and caring all of a sudden. Same with me; almost all of my photoshoots were cancelled at the last minute to take care of our daughter while her mom was taking care of other things. Though I can still attend some of the events scheduled, I had to make sure to go home as early as I can so I could get up early the next day to do my daddy duties. So far, I don't regret every moment being a daddy to Migmig. Though I wish I had more time to do something else XD.

2. Missing-out FHM Autograph Signings: Well, to start with, I missed the autograph signing for March, April, June, July, August, September, November and December. Which means I have just attended the events for January, May and October XD. I'm pretty sure this trend would continue as I have to prioritize other things but it doesn't mean that I support FHM less. It just so happen that I have other more important things to do XD.

3. Getting a formal training in Photography: Well after 2 years of being self-taught and downloaded probably hundreds of files regarding photography, I took the plunge and enrolled under Mr Jo Avila. From there, I learned a lot more aside from joining his activities and meeting new friends. Having a formal photography mentor really helps plus I got to get unlimited coffee everytime I visit his studio. XD

4. Getting swamped with backlogs (blogs and photos): I won't blame it on #1, but I kinda lacked proper time management. There were times that I could have backtracked them but my mind wasn't focused on it. For 2012, I'd make sure to allot an hour or two in a day or in a week to clear-up my list. 

5. Losing my CCNA after 3 years: I felt sad when my CCNA license had expired last December 17, 2011 after 3 years. One reason why I did my best to obtain it was to get employed at a certain company but I wasn't even able to get a single interview from their HR. Could it be that their HR who used to work on the company that I am at knows I used t work there? Anyway, it doesn't matter to me anyway. I don't know if I would get myself re-certified or get a different certification but one thing I know is that I'd be in the IT industry for a long time. 

6. Joining Foodie Events (Best Food Forward, Ultimate Taste Test 6.0/7.0 and Yummy Eats) and Visiting Mercato Centrale: Since I love eating (see my shape XD), I never let this opportunity slip away from my grasp. Though its really fun trying out new dishes from various vendors, there were times that I wish I took my family with me so they could try it as well. 

7. Attending Events for Bloggers: This was a first to me. I used to attend group events but never a bloggers' event. Though most blogger events I have attended were foodie events, I wasn't able to make much friends out of it yet. Its the experience of what its like to be in a bloggers event that I am after. Since my camera (DSLR) died already, it may take a while before I start to attend again these events. 

8. Philippine Fashion Week 2011: 2008 was the last time I remember that I have attended PFW. It took me three years to get back in as getting an invite was quite a challenge for me. Plus the fact that I only have a very few to almost no contacts regarding these events, I'd still consider myself lucky. I was invited to not one but three fashion shows that tested my photography skills when it comes to the runway. I am not looking forward to attend this event by force but I'd accept an offer if I'd get invited.

9. The Death of Rebel (My DSLR): After 3 years and 2 months, My camera made its last click during our company's Christmas Party last year. I had it sent to Canon for repair but the cost was too much that it would cost me half of our camera's cost. Right now, I'm using our 4-year old digicam but honestly, my shotswere not as good as the ones I took using Rebel. I hope this year, I would get a replacement somehow.

10.Getting hooked with group-buying sites: I recall last April (or May) that I am really hesitant to do online purchases as some of them were bogus. But after my first purchase at Awesome, Almost all of my online purchase made me really satisfied. Imagine 40-75% discount on food purchases that really made my wife happy as we got to try different restaurants without spending much. There were times that I forgot to use some of the vouchers (which results in wasting money XD), I'd make sure to bookmark my eat-outs with my family to make our experience more memorable.

11. Turning down the offer to travel in Belgium: I have to admit that it took me a while to decide whether I would agree to be sent abroad for training or not. If they have asked me before I renew my contract last September, I could have agreed. However, getting trained abroad means you have to render your service to the company plus, I have already plans of moving somewhere and I don't intend to tell anyone yet where. Our newest colleague will be the one to be sent to Belgium for training. Others think I had let this big opportunity pass. But if I agreed, I may regret it and wallow in agony. 

These are some of the things that had significance for me last 2011. You win some, you lose some. 

Guys, what are the things that happened to you last 2011 that was memorable to you?

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