Saturday, December 31

The week that was (December 25 - 31)

Sunday: We got up at almost 7:00am as Migmig was already up and awake. Since my daughter isn’t feeling that well, we just stayed inside while most of the people were still sleeping. We got back up at almost 8:00am and I was able to put her to sleep. We slept for the rest of the morning and got up at around 10:00am. Then I got myself ready for my first day of work which happens to fall on a Christmas Day. I took a quick stop at Fully Booked to buy Sunday’s paper. I also got my milk tea fix from Chatime at Gateway before taking the next MRT ride to the office. Unfortunately, I’ll be working alone for the day but I didn’t mind. Still, with no internet in the office I just listened to some music and watched some movies to keep me company. I also tried to try to use our iPad2 here which was connected to the internet for a few minutes before its connection was gone. I got a single call for my shift before my fellow colleague from the night shift came. I got to watch Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon before I finally call it a day. I was supposed to pass by CBTL at Ayala Triangle Gardens but it was already closed. With no choice, I just went home and be with my wife and daughter. I went online for another hour before finally going to bed.

Monday: Got up at almost 8:00am as I took Migmig out for some fun in the sun. I had breakfast at Jollibee while my mother-in-law took care of her for a few minutes. Then I was able to put her to sleep before going online for a few minutes. By 10:30am, we went to the grocery (me and Migmig) to buy some shampoo for me. Then, while I am waiting for my LRT ride, there was fire near our place that probably took some houses there. I had lunch at World Chicken and took a sip at Chatime before going to work. I just got a minute late and relaxed a little before started working. Again, I’m working all by myself but I don’t mind as most of the users were still on a holiday. I had some Jollibee for dinner while watching some movies and working on some tickets at the same time. After my shift, I head straight to CBTL at ATG to chill-out and claim my 4th planner for 2012 (I’ll write a blog about it). When I got home, my wife was already sleeping but the laptop was still on. I just told her to get some rest while going online for a few more minutes before going to sleep. As I was about to go to sleep, Migmig was already sitting-up clapping her hands while her mom was in deep sleep. Well, I got to spend some more time with her before both of us could finally fall asleep.

Tuesday: Got up at past 8:30am before taking Migmig out again. I even got to go online for 15 minutes and have breakfast at Mc Donalds before going back. Then me and my wife packed some thing for tomorrow’s trip to Batangas City as she has to attend her friend’s wedding. She cried all of a sudden which means its feeding time for her again. By 11:30am, I am off to work but I had to do some errands at SM Makati before logging-in at 1:30pm. By 2:30pm, I went out to have my late lunch at World Chicken. I couldn’t help it but notice for the past 2 days, I’ve been having toothache after having lunch with them and I couldn’t recall having toothache eating someplace else. I bought a cooling fan for our laptop as the old one already worn-out. Still with no internet in the office, I worked on some tickets and got them fixed or escalated at the most. By dinner, I grabbed some at PBCo and enjoyed it from my desk. I just watched some movies again before calling it a night and head-off to my 6-day year-end vacation XD. I took a taxi cab so I could go home early and spend the rest of my time with my family while my wife was still awake.

Wednesday: Got up at around 7:00am as we need to prepare to go to Batangas City to attend the wedding of my wife’s friend. Me, my wife and my baby together with her relatives and friends, we waited at Wendy’s in Nagtahan as an L300 picked us up and head-off to Batangas City. We stopped by at Sto Niño de Cebu at Southwoods as we waited for others to join us. We were really jam-packed inside the van but it was well worth the ride. It was my first time to reach Batangas City using Star Toll way. I also got to see Calamba from a new highway which I forgot to ask what road we passed by XD. By 2:30pm, we were already at Pontefino Hotel. After settling our reservation, we head to our room and made ourselves comfortable. Our room was just enough for the eight of us. Yes, eight of us for a room that was supposed to be for two people only XD. As the others have left for lunch at the groom’s home in Batangas City, my wife and I stayed and took care of Migmig. She cried out loud as she’s not familiar with the bed she’s at. Thank God they came back with some food so it was our turn to have lunch. I went to SM City in Batangas City to buy some extra snacks in case we got hungry and some extra refreshments. Then my wife was quite busy with her preparations for the wedding (she was the matron of honor) I got to take a quick tour of Pontefino Hotel which is not bad. Me and Migmig were the ones left at our room as most of them went to the church to attend the wedding. I told them I’ll be staying as I have to watch Migmig sleep. But after a few minutes, she got up and cried again. We went out for my baby to have a change of scenery. Since it was quite early, we decided to take a ride going to the church where the wedding was held. Good thing we went there as my sister-in-law was having problems using our digicam, So I grabbed the camera and have Migmig under my mother-in-law’s hands. If only I got my DSLR with me, I could have gotten better pictures of the ceremony. But using our old digicam, I got some decent shots that probably the paid photographers couldn’t have gotten. I took most of the pictures from the top as they were mostly in front of the altar and I don’t see anyone of them taking candid shots so I tried to do some candids. I noticed that the wedding ceremony was quite different from our wedding. Then during the portrait sessions, I took some portraits as well. I took some pictures of my wife and baby at the church before we head-off back to our hotel room. We immediately fed Migmig as she’s already hungry and crying before proceeding with the reception. Again, if only my DSLR was with me, that could have been equivalent to better pictures XD. I kinda noticed that the flow of the program was kinda jumbled compare to our wedding and the previous wedding I’ve attended. Food was quite ok but it could have been much better. After the party, we went back to the room to relax before finally going to bed.

Thursday: I got up at 4:45am after sleeping at around 1:00am or so. Its probably the bedding that got me awake so early plus I wanted to take pictures of the hotel early without much people disturbing me. If only my DSLR was still fixed, I could have gotten better but our 4 year-old digicam wasn’t so bad. But I have to convince my wife that DSLR takes better pictures than our old digicam XD. Then the others woke up one by one as the sun rises up before me and my wife had breakfast at their restaurant. I was a bit disappointed that the buffet spread was limited to just a few choices. Then we had our photo-ops at within the vicinity of the hotel before I went back upstairs to get some sleep. Migmig slept with me while my wife and her sisters (and her friends) take a dip by the pool. By 10:30am, we were getting ready to check-out as almost all of us got hungry. After we checked-out, we took some more pictures before heading off to SM City in Batangas City to have lunch there. I chose Bigg’s Diner to have our lunch there as I checked the place the day before and from the blogs that I saw, the food tastes good and the price is really affordable (I’ll right a blog about this pretty soon). After lunch, it’s a long journey for us back home. It took us two rides before reaching the bus going straight to Manila. By 4:30pm, were back home and rested for a while. While watching TV, I fell asleep and got up after an hour, I joined Migmig upstairs only to got up a few minutes later as Migmig got up and cried aloud. We spent some quality time before we went back up to get some sleep. My wife followed after.

Friday: Got up early as I got to take Migmig out for some fun in the sun. I went online for a couple of minutes before getting Migmig back from her uncle. Then I told my wife to get ready as we will be having lunch at Di Mark’s along Taft Avenue near Vito Cruz. By 11:30am, we took the bus going there and spent the next hour or two there before going back home. We took a cab going home as all three of us felt sleepy. Probably we got at least two to three hours of sleep before we spend the afternoon. It was quite a lazy one for us as I wasn’t able to get out and take pictures. By night time, I slept early as I am the one incharge of putting Migmig to sleep.

Saturday: Got up early again and took Migmig out for the last time in 2011. Then I got out to SM Manila to buy some extra food for our baby as were running out of stock. I had my breakfast at Tokyo2 before buying some of the magazines that I need XD. When I got back, I just took care of Migmig and we got asleep for a couple of hours. Then I went out again to look for Migmig’s food as my wife was having tantrums on exactly what to feed to Migmig. Thank God I got some just before the entire store within Manila closes for the New Year. Then I went online for a couple of hours before celebrating the New Year. 

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