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The 10 biggest perks of working in IT

To be honest, working in the IT industry has more perks than its downs. Though there are times that IT jobs are quite stressful, as long as luck is on your side, you know you'll have a long long way to go XD. Here is the article that I have read from Tech Republic as I have been subscribed to their blog for quite some time now. Anyway, I tweaked some and added my own insights as well.

Regardless of what you do for a living, it’s easy to focus on the negatives of the job and let those things bring you down. However, most jobs have certain perks, and IT is no exception. This article discusses some of the benefits I’ve experienced over the years as a result of working in IT.

1: You get to meet lots of people: As an IT guy, a lot of people would come to you for help which is good in a lot of ways. Some of them would be your friends for the rest of your stay in the company. Some may be your contact outside the office for networking reasons. Or probably, you may meet someone special at work that you could spend the rest of your life with XD. Bottom line is you get to meet all types of people from different ranks.

2: The money can be good: Depending on the company you'll be connected with, the pay is quite higher than the average pay. Position can also play a factor here on how important you are to the IT infrastructure.

3: It’s easy to move around: They usually refer this as lateral movement. Compared with different departments, switching from one IT position to another won't be that difficult as it requires minimal effort. For example, database administrators can transfer to network administrators and vice versa.   

4: You have personal freedom: IT pros tend to have a lot of personal freedom. Compared to call center agents which have a break schedule to adhere, most IT people can set their own break as long as there is no pending work around left. 

5: You get to help people: Well basically some people hate IT because they’re usually calling with a problem they want you to solve. Even so, I have always found it gratifying to be able to end the day knowing that I was able to spend it helping people. I could compare it with Math because most people hate it XD.

6: You get paid to spend time away from the office: Usually this works with IT guys with higher positions which includes traveling locally or overseas. You could even include your vacation as well in your travels after attending trainings and conferences here and there.

7: You sometimes face unusual challenges: This is one thing that most IT guys look forward to aside from doing their usual monitoring and same problems over and over. Encountering new errors, new bugs and new problems stimulate our brains as we need to acquire a new solution as quickly and as creatively as possible. This is what separates those who love IT from those who do not. Me, I love working in the field of IT XD.

8: You have access to cool toys: Depending on what toys would you refer, most would mean trying a new software or a new application first hand before it rolls-out to the company. We would be usually the ones to test them first for bugs and possible problems. This would be also the same for new gadgets. If only I work for either Apple, HP or Dell, Work could have been so much fun XD.

9: IT knowledge can be helpful in everyday life: Just like math, IT knowledge is very useful in everyday life. From working with computers to dealing with other things that we usually deal with while working in the office. At home, I am the IT guy that usually checks my wife's laptop to make sure its working at its optimum.

10: The job sometimes comes with special rewards: In relation to #1, people would be really grateful to you especially if you keep their systems up and running. Sometimes, these people would give you gifts of any kind as a way of saying thank you for supporting them over the years. Don’t get me wrong — I don’t help people because I expect to get something in return. However, it is always a nice feeling when someone surprises you with a thank-you gift. I hope soon, someone would reward me a complete Canon DSLR set (5D Mark III + 2-3 Lens + Accessories). XD.
If I were you, shift to IT now. Its really fun you know. XD

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