Thursday, January 26

Photoworld Asia 2012

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At the start of the year, most photographers (including me) do always look forward to the 25th Anniversary of Photoworld Asia as it serves as a jumpstart to more events for the coming months. Sponsored by The Federation of Philippines Photographers Foundation Inc. (FPPF), it is usually a week long event that is considered heaven for some photographers.

This is where most photographers spent their hard-earned saving as most camera shops offer discounts they (including me) couldn't refuse. Last year, I got my camera bag (Lowepro 250) though not at a discounted price (Boo-Hoo).

Taken from Google

Every year, they (FPPF) also conduct a week-long seminar which comprise of top-notch photographers here and abroad. Last year, the line-up of speakers were so good I felt I should have attended the seminar (Fee costs around 5,000 pesos excluding a photo safari to a surprise location (This year, The Photosafari would be in Banaue from February 1-3).

Also, this is where some practice their photography skills as some major sponsors do have their models which are willing to pose for photographers. As far as I know, Canon has been a major sponsor for quite sometime now and they always do have model to shoot at. Though recently, there are other sponsors who have their own model shoot as well. I've been looking forward to this event for the past few months but unfortunately, I won't be able to enjoy much of it.

Why? First, I DON'T have a working camera (DSLR) with me anymore and I've been using a point-and-shoot for almost two months now. Though I've been eying to buy an upgrade from Canon, it may take me a while since I had to convince my wife to support me fully on this.

Anyway, Photoworld Asia 2012 will run until January 31 at Glorietta's Activity Center. Do come and visit and who know, we may bump into each other there. XD

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  1. After seeing albums of friend's who attended there, bigla akong nanghinayang sa mga nakaline-up na models dun. XD


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