Monday, January 23

The week that was (January 15 - 21)

Sunday: Got up at 8:00am though I was suppose to go home in San Pedro to have my dentures checked. But my wife told me to reschedule it the next day as she needs an extra hand in taking care of our baby. I got to read Sunday's paper before having my hair cut (they say having a haircut reduces my irritation towards things). When I got back, I took a bath and went upstairs to get a nap.When I got up. I felt dizzy throughout the afternoon that I wasn't able to go to church that day. Since I had to be careful with my dentures, I had no choice but to eat lugaw for the day. I went online as well until I got to bed at almost midnight.

Monday: Got up at 7:30am as I had to take Migmig downstairs. I had to wait for my wife's cousin to arrive before I got myself ready to visit to San Pedro for my dental check-up. While traveling, I fell asleep indicating that I need more sleep. When I got home in San Pedro, I was surprised that our door had an additional lock that my mom haven't told me. Anyway, I left my stuff hidden before visiting my dentist.When I got to the dentist, I was quite disappointed that I wasn't able to get it done the first time. Instead, he told me to come back after a week or two to have it finally done. After visiting the dentist, I unpack my stuff and hid it very well before I went home to Manila. I had to stop by at SM Manila to have lunch there and to try my dentures if I could eat something solid. I have to be careful though so my tooth won't get extracted. I finally got home at around 4:00pm as my wife was already at work. I went online for the rest of the afternoon as I waited for my wife to come home from work. Then she went online while I took care of our baby.

Tuesday: Got up at around 7:00am as my mom paid us a visit. She brought milk again (though Migmig still has more left) for our daughter and brought an extra key for me (Our home in Laguna has an additional lock). After my wife left, I went online for a while before getting ready for work. It took me a while to travel from home to work as I felt like I'm walking in outer space. I got in the office with a few more minutes to spare. At work, I wasn't able to blog much as my left foot really hurts. I hope by the time I get home and sleep, the pain would go away the next day. By 6:00pm, I went out to have lunch at Teriyaki Boy. I got to try their promo (50 pesos for an order of their California Maki) which I ordered two. After dinner, I went to the nearest drugstore to buy some pain killers for my left foot. Walking from one place to another took me much of my time as I walk like I walk in the park. Work was pretty much steady for the rest of the shift as I waited for the clock to tick at 11:00pm. I took a cab straight home to check my baby and she was peacefully asleep while my wife was online. I ate some leftover food before joining them in dreamland.

Wednesday: Got up a bit late as I kept on checking Migmig if she's better now. When I got up from our bed, I know she'll be much better though my wife woke up late for work XD. I left home at around 12:15pm after having lunch and took the same old route knowing my left foot has somehow rested quite well last night. After a quick stop at Chatime, I got in the office with some time to spare.Work was pretty much okay as I got to resolve some tickets and do other things. After work, I got back home as quickly as I could as I needed that sleep.

Thursday: Got out of the bed at past 9:00am as my wife has already left for work. Though I've been awake since 7:30am, I'm too lazy to get out of the bed though XD. I just spend the morning with Migmig as she's at her cheerful self. Thank God she didn't have fever anymore. I left home at past 12:00pm to report for work. Up to this point, I always arrive before my shift starts which make me felt a little bit good.   For dinner, I paid Chichboy a visit. Instead of ordering my usual Cebu Lechon combo meal, I tried their sisig specialties (Chicken Sisig to be exact). It was quite delicious as I had three cups of rice to go with it XD. I was really stuffed when I got back to the office. There were tension when I came back but I've got nothing to do with it XD. After my shift, I took the bus heading home and got home an hour later. My wife was already sleeping so I joined them.

Friday: As early as 5:30am, Migmig was already awake as she kept on tossing and turning on our bed. Then we fell asleep again and both Migmig and I got up at around 8:30am. After having breakfast, I went online for an hour before getting ready for work. I couldn't wait for lunch at home so I took some rice with me. I left home so early, I had time to check some Photography Books at National Bookstore at Glorietta 5. It was like heaven for me as I see several titles that I'm looking forward to get. Come this payday, I'm gonna get one book for me. I still got to the office just in time for work. I am the only person on shift aside from my boss. Well work was so light for the day I didn't have any calls at all (just several emails XD). For dinner, I had Chicken and Bangus Sisig from Chicboy plus Halohalo from Chowking. While having my dinner, I noticed that I am tasting the temporary pasta on my tooth which tells me to take it easy on eating. I don't want it to chip-off completely while I haven't plan my next visit to the dentist. Before my shift ended, I called one of the users in the US to assist her in installing a software that she needs and I was able to complete it successfully. Then, by 11:02pm, I logged-off and head for home. My wife was still awake but offline. It happens to be that our daughter is having a hard time sleeping with her coughs and colds =(

Saturday: Well, I haven't much had a goodnight sleep the previous night as our baby kept tossing and turning every hour plus she's coughing too. I was kinda sad and worried her condition may have worsen. When I got up at 7:30am, I took Migmig down for a change of scenery before we went back up at catch some more sleep. From 8:00am, we got up at past 10:00am which was quite enough for me to last a day. By 10:30am, I went out to have breakfast at Chowking before going to Goldilocks in Espana to buy cake for my baby's 9th month celebration (I just coincide it with my birthday XD). When I got back, its my turn to babysit our daughter. Since the day she was born (Plus the death of my DSLR XD), my afternoons are confided within home as some how I miss going out to shoot (Oh 7D, my 7D, when will you come to save me? XD). I didn't mind skipping an event or two just to take care of our baby but missing ALL would be different. By 5:35pm, I went to church to make sure I got there by 5:40pm. There, I said a short prayer thanking The Lord for the past year and I'm looking forward to the year ahead as I celebrate my 33rd birthday XD. After church, I bought some ice cream as I know the cake that I bought won't be enough for all of us back home. Then by night time, I need to go out again to buy some "ulam" as my mother-in-law wasn't able to cook. I grabbed some from Andok's as its already been cooked. By 11:00pm, I am already in our bedroom joining my daughter who was already sleeping soundly (Thank God).

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