Saturday, December 31

The week that was (December 18 - 24)

Sunday: Got up early to take Migmig out for some fun in the sun. By 9:30am, I had to leave early to go to Mercato Centrale to claim my planner. It took me a while as I had to stop by at Chatime since they have a promo until Christmas Day. Once I got to Mercato Centrale, I looked for the Human Nature booth. At first, I felt disappointed as I am having a hard time looking for them but after a while, I was able to locate where they are. One of the staff handed to me the Our Awesome Planner 2012 together with a free T-Shirt though I told them that medium sized ones doesn't fit me at all. I had lunch there before taking a cab going to the office.     We thought our colleague from the night shift won't be able to report for work but it happened to be that he just got late and arrived at 12:30am. Once he's settled, I took a cab going home because I'm really sleepy.

Monday: Got up early though I still feel very sleepy. After taking Migmig out, I put her back to sleep before watching WWE's TLC Match. Even if I left a little bit late and had lunch first, I still had enough time to spare before my shift started.Work was quite ok as we got some tickets to handle. However, we don't have internet in the office for some reason even if my colleagues did their best effort to have it resolved. We tried escalating it but to no avail. By 11:00pm, I logged-off and head home

Tuesday: Same routine in the morning before going back upstairs and put my baby to sleep. I was able to get some good sleep for about two hours before I got ready for work. Same with work, I got to get some tickets despite having no internet connection since Monday now. It happens to be that our company had some outstanding balance with their provider hence our connection got disconnected.

Wednesday: No internet in the office, no problem XD. There were plenty of downloaded movies for me to watch and I got to do other things that I haven't done when I'm online. My entire routine is pretty much the same for the entire day though.

Thursday: I really wanted to get some sleep after taking Migmig out but I wasn't able to do it as she doesn't want to get some sleep either XD. I just got myself ready for work instead. Since my other colleague won't be able to report for work, I've got the entire shift under my shoulders. I passed by Chatime at Gateway for a buy one take one on their pearl milk tea. Luckily, work wasn't that heavy as a few emails came by. Anyway, thank God, our paycheck was given in advance so I could do some shopping of my own for the holidays. For dinner, I went out to have some T-Bone Steak for dinner and bought some coffee for my colleagues as my way of saying thanks for their support (and I needed those stickers for my final planner). I just waited for the time to tick-off before logging-off and spend the holidays with my family.

Friday: Got up at 6:45am as Migmig was already up and awake but she's throwing some tantrums. It appears to be that she could have a slight fever so we feed her with her milk while her mom puts her to sleep again. I went online early to check on some of my things as we didn't have internet in the office for the past 4 days (WTF!) before returning back home. Then I helped my wife in taking care of Migmig until past 1:30pm before I went to SM Megamall to do some shopping of my own. Traffic was really horrible as I got there at almost 3:00pm. I had my late lunch at Rack's after trying this new drink from Happy Lemon which was really good. Then it was pants hunting for me. I picked black because I haven't got a pair of black pants for a long time. But it was really challenging to find a perfect fit for me as my size went up by at least 2 XD.While my 2 pairs of pants were being altered, I got myself a new planner. Its a different one and probably more informative than the ones I currently have (I'll blog about this pretty soon). And instead of starting my collection of photography books next month, I bought one by Tom Ang. It's a step-by-step guide which I wanted to check and get some inspiration with. Once I got all the items I need, I took an fx ride going home. My wife and baby was waiting for me already and I got to spend more time with them before going to sleep.

Saturday: Got up around early again to take Migmig out for a few minutes. Then I went out to claim Migmig's gift from Max's that turns out to be a whole fried chicken and tried buying cake there. But I had no luck at S Manila, so I head home, drop-off some things and I went to SM Centerpoint. I got the cake I needed until when I was about to go down the bus, the door suddenly shut down, leaving my cake smashed. I was so mad that I almost hit the driver in the head. Then I head to Goldilocks in Espana to get my cake there. Thank God there were several choices there and I got one that is right for Migmig. Then, I got to relax and enjoy the rest of the day as we waited for the clock to strike midnight celebrating the birthday of our savior. It would be also the first time Migmig will be celebrating Christmas with us so that makes it more special to us =)

Sorry for the late post as our office internet got really SCREWED-UP. XD.

Happy New Year Everyone! ^_^

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