Sunday, December 4

Ultimate Taste Test Revisited (UTT 7.0)

One Thursday night, I went to BGC to attend the seventh installment of The Ultimate Taste Test (UTT 7.0). This would be the second time for me to attend this event for foodies by foodies. XD

UTT Revisited

When I got there 30 minutes before the event started. There were people already lining-up and signing-up to register. This event is for foodies by foodies as well as those who wanted to try out new dishes.

Since the event took place at Mercato Centrale, the entire place was packed with people as falling in line was pretty hard. Also, with my big bag and big camera with me, its pretty challenging mingling with the crowd and take decent shots of the food while muscling my way into he crowd. 

I guess, I'll make some additional changes here soon (Adding my comments on each food I ate).

Anyway, I hope I could get a digicam with the abilities of a DSLR so I could still take good photos. ^_^

And hopefully, they would have the next event on a bigger venue. Mercato Centrale is too small for me to roam around.


  1. The shots are stunning! Made me crave for food! You're an awesome food photographer! =)

  2. What you'd done was challenging, taking snaps while elbowing with other food tasters. I hope there is a similar event here in KL.

  3. If I'm in Taguig right now, I would head straight to the event and pick what I like. The food looks delicious though! :D

  4. whoah! those are really yummy. but too far to my place to try. Yeah, it is hard to capture of good photos when there are lots of people passing by!

  5. I haven't been to UTT yet but I can imagine the cramped space and uncomfortable feeling. But ... that's where the great foodie finds get discovered so it's worth it!

  6. Nice experience. I hope I could attend such event also. :)

  7. Too bad I wasnt able to visit the UTT this yr.. Im sure it was a blast!


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