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Camping-Out at Mendiola on December 6.

 Sorry Guys, I won't be able to attend this event as it coincides with our 2nd wedding anniversary XD. But anyway, those who want to document this event (in a photo journalistic manner), you may attend this event. Here is the background of what is this event about

 Taken from their website

We are calling on all Filipinos, fed up with the status quo and united in a common hope for a better present and future without the suffering that we witness everyday, to launch actions, strikes, walk-outs and to join a historic nationwide camp-out protest this December.

We can no longer stand a twisted social set-up that robs the majority of our people of a decent life and basic social services. We can no longer stand a social system that produces immense wealth for foreign interests and a few as the people, who toil all their lives, are increasingly pushed deeper into hunger, poverty and injustice.

We continuously attempted to make those in power heed our call for change. But they refuse to listen, and instead, constantly barrage us with lies, cover-up stunts, insults and threats of force. Like thieves, they railroad unjust measures, they rule with impunity and dare to call it democracy.

Sawang-sawa na tayo.

December 6 is Day One. It is time to send a message to those in power: We will no longer put up with lies, corruption, abuse, exploitation and injustice.  Together, we will stand for freedom, justice, equality and genuine change. We can no longer sit idly by as our people – our youth! – face a dim future.

Inspired by upheavals from the Arab Spring to the European Strikes to the Occupy Movements, tens of thousands will strike and walk-out from our campuses, communities, workplaces and camp-out at Mendiola to rock the nation with days of outrage and protest. Similar actions are set to take place across the regions.

Armed with burning optimism, courage and determination, we shall strike, march and camp-out. We will be peaceful but militant in our actions and let our calls strike fear into the hearts of powers that be. Bring tents. Take with you family, friends, and fellow Filipinos who want genuine social change. See you.

Something has to be done. Let us stand up and make the statement that we want genuine change.

How YOU can participate

On December 6, we will assemble in different schools, workplaces, communities and in big numbers, march to Mendiola. Once there, we will put up tents and camp.

1. Spread the word

a. Publicize, reproduce, disseminate to as many people the call to campout on December 6. Or better yet, make your own! It could be a blog entry, a statement, call, poster or artwork. If you have an organization or are part of a union, get your group to release a statement too.

b. Be creative! Text blast, Facebook, Twitter and send out something like: “Sawang-sawa ka na ba sa bulok na sistema? December 6. Camp-out sa Mendiola.” Make videos!

c. On Twitter we can use: #campoutPH #sawangsawa #dec6

d. Facebook pages: SAWANG SAWA NA, Occupy Philippines

2. Protest and campout!

a. Gather your friends, schoolmates, co-workers, administration to join the campout. Lahat pwede sumama!
b We meetup in the morning in our respective areas, we assemble in several points in Manila at around 1pm, and march to Mendiola.

c. Here’s a rough schedule: December 6

7am  onwards – Local walkouts, strikes, gatherings, marches
1pm – 2pm Meet-up at assembly points in Manila (UST, Recto)
2pm – March to Mendiola
230pm – 6pm Program
6pm – Campout assembly and declaration, putting up of tents
7pm – Concert

d. Activities will continue for days
e. Things to bring: Your “sawang-sawa” signs, tents, noise instruments, food to share and progressive ideas. We will also be making an effigy so bring materials.
f. Outside of Manila? Take action in your own cities and regional centers. Organize marches, walkouts, and camps. Coordinate with local groups for possible activities you can join.
3. Gather support, donate!

Bring tents, food, and other materials. Help fund the event.

Since this event is just a stone's throw away from our home, maybe I could pay them a visit and give my support to them.

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