Sunday, December 4

The week that was (November 27 - December 3)

Sunday: Got up a bit early but I didn't got off from my bed as my wife accidentally stepped on my swollen foot which gave me so much pain that I almost shouted and woke our baby up. My wife took our baby down as I tried to walk slowly but surely. My mom texted me that she'll pay us a visit together with my sisters. When they got here, it was past lunchtime and I told my colleague that I won't be able to report for work as I couldn't walk straight. They have convinced me to go to the hospital to have my left foot checked. Me and my mom went to Mary Chilles General Hospital to have my foot checked. After 2-3 hours, they found out that my uric acid is high and I need to minimize/avoid my meat intake as well as salty foods. When I got home, I just had bread for dinner and enjoyed the rest of the night.

Monday: Got up at around 8:00am as my foot was getting a little bit better now. I got to take Migmig out to her lola while having my wheatgrass for breakfast. Since I'm still having problems walking straight, I wasn't able to report for work for the day. I got to take care of Migmig as I am not going anywhere. I got to go online on a limited time and just spend the rest of the day home.

Tuesday: Got up at almost 8:00am as I am still feeling sleepy ( I could have fall off to sleep at almost 4:00am). Anyway, I got to take Migmig out again for some fun in the sun. For the 3rd straight day, I wasn't able to report for work so as not to force my left foot. In the afternoon, I got to baby-sit Migmig while her mom was hands-free in doing other important things. Then after, I went online at a cafe near our area for around 2-3 hours updating some stuff online. When night time falls, I went back home and spent some more quality time with my family. I told my wife that I'll be joining the BMSD Victory Walk the next day before going to sleep.

Wednesday: Got up at around 6:15am as I head out to attend BMSD's Victory Walk (I'll create a separate blog for this). The walk took only around 2 hours before we head back to NPC to attend the forum session. I left at 12:45pm since I had to report for work.Thank God I got to the office with a couple of minutes to spare. Work was quite ok as I got to upload the pictures I have took early that morning. Then, I went to Ba Noi located at Perea to order some food since I have my Metro Deal voucher with me. Unfortunately, I can't take the food out. So what I did was ate my part and have the other packed so my colleague could have as well. By night time, work got a bit more as some emails started to come in before I logged-off. Since I was hungry, I ordered some food (My Quarter Pounder Meal) to go at Mc Donalds before going home. My wife was still awake when I got home and I went online for a few minutes before finally going to sleep.

Thursday: I got up at almost 7:00am and took some pictures of my daughter before going down and go to her lola. We got to stay outside until almost 9:00am. When we went back home, I was able to edit some of the pictures of my baby though I did it for probably an hour as I have to help my wife in taking care of our baby. I took a different route again in going to work but thank God, I arrived ahead of time. Work was quite steady as I got to do some emails and 2 calls to my name.  By night time, for whatever reason, I felt a little bit pissed-off which I need to go out of the office and get some fresh air (and buy some food at the same time).I got some chicken chops from Bon Chon while sipping my double chocolate from CBTL. I stayed in the office until past midnight before hailing a cab on my way home.

Friday: Got up at almost 8:00am as our daughter was already at her best (being so active). I set-up our laptop so my wife could use it before we went down again to get some fresh air. Then we went back and I got to watch TV and do some share in taking care of our baby. As she grows older, she gets more active and sometimes she's having mood swings as well. After my baby's morning rituals, I took her upstairs and put her to sleep. But everytime I try to put her to sleep, she would rather play with me than going to sleep. By the time she fell asleep, her mom went up to took care of her while I took a bath and went out somewhere in SM Megamall to gather some thoughts for next year. It took me almost an hour to get there. After doing some bank transactions, I went to Power Books to look for some inspiration. I got to check some interesting planners that I might buy within the next few weeks before the year ends. Then I stopped by at CBTL to have coffee and at the same time scribble down some of my thoughts and plans for the next year. I stayed there for an hour before strolling around the mall. By the time I got hungry, I looked for a place to eat. But the problem with me is that the more I got hungry, the more it is difficult for me to find a good place to eat XD. I ended up at Cajun Red Rock located at the 3rd floor. I got to enjoy my dinner while reading the latest issue of FHM. It was both good as my palate and my eyes were highly satisfied. I did some groceries before going home. When I got home at past 9:00pm, my wife and my baby were still up and spending quality time together. I joined them before going to bed.

Saturday: I got up at almost 8:00am and took Migmig out for her morning air but her lola went back home by the time we went to the store. I just took her at Mc Donalds near our place to have breakfast there. It was just a quick one as I have Migmig on one arm while eating using my other hand. When we went back, she got a bit moody probably wanting to sleep. We went back up to the room at 9:30am and she slept a few minutes later. I fell asleep too and both of us got up at 11:30am. My wife took the laptop down so we could sleep soundly. By 1:30pm, my wife and her friend went to Divisoria to By 2:15pm, Migmig was able to go to sleep only to get up an hour later. So much for my plans to be productive online XD. For the past 3 Saturdays, my afternoon has been spent here with my daughter as her mom goes away to do other things which made me skip some events. Its really challenging to put my baby to sleep only to get up an hour or less. By 5:15pm, I was able to put her back to sleep again but I had to be careful not to make a single noise.30 minutes later, my wife called to check our daughter which got her awake and didn't want to sleep anymore XD. By 6:00pm, we went out again to her lola to get some crisp, cold air and to get a different change in perspective. We got back at 7:00pm but there was no one home so we had to wait for my mother-in-law. When we got in, Migmig was already hungry as my wife just came back from Divisoria. She was also able to buy some of my requests. I got to watch the Azkals play vs the LA Galaxy team. Though they (Azkals) lost, they believed they have gained much experience from that game. I went online again before going to bed. 

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