Sunday, November 6

What happened earlier at Pipho's 6th Anniversary Event (Framed Perspective)

I just got back home tonight at around 8:15pm from Pipho's 6th Anniversary Event. Though I felt a little bit disappointed that I didn't win from the raffle earlier XD (I could have won either a 2TB External HD, Spyder 3 Elite, Benro Tripod, Canon Pixma Printer among the prizes given earlier), learning some thing from the Pros were quite enough for me XD.

I got there at around 11:00am at SM City North Edsa Annex but I didn't saw anyone from Pipho from there so I had to wander around until I arrived at SM City Center Event area 3rd floor where I heard some noise. Once I got there, I registered (there was a 300 peso registration fee that comes with a free shirt and some brochures) and saw some of the people I knew from various photo clubs. I checked the photo exhibit that were shot by the org members using Canon Pixma Printers (output is really good) and saw some of my friends' shots from there.

I was able to listen to all of the speakers (From John Chua to Maricris Fabi-Carlos to Jay Jallorina to Wig Tysman to Per Andre Hoffman) who gave their time in sharing their insights to newbies like me XD. Some of the things I've learned includes insights on taking photographs of poverty; building rapport with your subject before taking their photographs; taking photographs of subjects in a very different perspective especially after seeing some photos from all of the speakers (Jaw Dropping! XD).

Sir John Chua

Ms. Maricris Fabi-Carlos

Sir Wig Tysman

Sir Per Andre Hoffman

After the event, I went straight home as I felt drained during the event waiting for my name to be called but it didn't happen. Maybe next year perhaps I could win the grand prize XD.

Happy 6th Anniversary Pipho!!!

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