Sunday, November 6

Philippine Fashion Week 2011: Grand Allure

It's been a week since I've been to Philippine Fashion Week 2011 (Spring-Summer 2012 Collection) and this was one of the most challenging shoots I've ever been to. Actually, I wasn't invited to this fashion show but my good friend Richard told me I could come but I just have to wait until all of the invited got in already.

After all the guests went in, I was able to get in as well. As usual, it was crowded at the photographer's area.

When the show started, I noticed how far the front stage was from the photographer's area. I started taking pictures but I was too far so I went down and looked for a better spot.

I was able to secure a good spot though there were two people almost completely blocking my view of the runway so I had to take pictures of the models between the two.

After the show, my fingers got a bit numb from pressing my camera's shutter button but I got a lot of decent shots (it could have been much better if it wasn't for the two people blocking the runway). See the culprit? XD

I hope I could take more pictures of these kinds of events to gain more experience and learn more. I promise, I'll do much better. XD

Anyway, here are some more pictures that I took. Sorry for the poor quality as I'm still working hard to improve. XD

Now here's some more... XD

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