Friday, November 4

The Economics of Coffee

While browsing through my facebook wall, I saw this picture from a friend of mine and I noticed that it shows some details in information about the cost of Starbucks' 2012 planner. The picture below shows how much Starbucks earn per cup and where the cost goes to.

Looking at the economics of coffee

Don't get me wrong here. I've been collecting these planners since 2007 and I don't mind spending a little more just to get a piece of this collectible. And besides, I like writing and updating my planner for events and other things that are important to me.

My mantra is that if you want something and you are willing to spend for it go for it. If you don't have enough money, look for other ways to get it or get something else. That would be 14 more stickers for me. XD


  1. Have you finished your stickers by now? :D

    Peter ~

  2. I have one more Peter as of today. :D


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