Sunday, November 6

The week that was (October 30 - November 5)

Sunday: Got up at around 8:30am as I got to do some errands as well as read Sunday's paper. When I was suppose to get ready for Phil Fashion Week, my wife asked me to join them to go to church at 12:00pm as she knows I'm on leave for the day. I agreed and we went to the church. After mass, I had a quick lunch before going to SM Mall of Asia to meet my good friend there. Once I got there, I hang-out at CBTL to have some cold drink but my friend texted me saying that he is already at SMX Attending Phil Fashion Week featuring RTW. I skipped that event as I chill-out first. By 3:00pm, I went to SMX to join my friend as I join the queue outside Hall 2 of SMX. Since I don't have a ticket for that fashion show I have to wait for all of those with tickets to get in before I got in (I'll create a separate blog for this). After the show, we went to L'Oreal booth to meet my friend's friend there and have our legs rested. Then we went to a Mongolian Barbeque Restaurant where we spent probably 3 hours or more as we catch-up on things and comment on some of our other friends XD. By 9:30pm, we called it a day and head home in different directions. I got home a few minutes before 11:00pm as my wife was still awake but not using our laptop. 

Monday: Got up at around 8:00am and went downstairs to do some morning rituals before taking Migmig out to her lola who's already at the store. Then we went back home to watch TV until its time for me to report for work. I got in the office early and went online right away XD. By 6:00pm, I went to Globe in Greenbelt to have my SIM replaced but unfortunately, I don't have the luxury of time to wait for more than an hour. I picked-up my dinner at KFC and went back to the office. Work was a bit lighter this time as some of my colleagues from the night shift reported for work early.

Tuesday: Got up at past 9:00am as my wife was bugging me to get up. I was able to buy Tuesday's paper and my can of Wheatgrass to start my day. My baby was also awake at the same time so we got to feed her before I left for office. I got in the office at 1:15pm and went online for a few minutes before setting-up for work. Well work was quite bountiful as it kept us busy here in the office. By 4:00pm, I went to Globe again to have my SIM replaced without changing my number. It took me an hour to have it done and I went back to the office to help my colleague in the office finish all the tickets needed. By 8:00pm, I went out again to have coffee at Starbucks and at the same time, think of a way to get their 2012 planner without spending that much. I think I have an idea how though I felt a bit dizzy after finishing my cup XD.Work was quite ok as we got some calls and emails before calling it a day.

Wednesday: Got up at 7:00am as I started editing some pictures from the Fashion Week 2011: Spring Summer Collection 2012. Then I noticed something that the dogs kept on barking. It happened to me Migmig fell from the bed again for the second time. My wife told me its time to have our bedroom renovated temporarily to prevent this from occurring again. I agreed and have it done the next day. I was able to finish editing some of the pictures by 12:00pm before having lunch. I got to doze-off for a few minutes before heading to Harrison Plaza to meet my mom there and hand-over some stuff. We did some groceries but its more on my stuff and Migmig's milk. When I got home, I felt really tired but I got to edit another set of Fashion Show pictures before going to sleep.

Thursday: Got up at a around 8:00am as I did some of my morning rituals for the day. By 9:30am, all three of us were getting ready as my wife has a photoshoot with her friends at Project 6 (I had to do something bad here so I could accompany my wife XD). We left home at around 12:00pm and got to Project 6 an hour later. It was a rented unit by my wife's friend and her husband who lives there. We had lunch first as Migmig was at her cheerful mood. As it was my wife's turn for the photoshoot, I got my hands on our daughter. She slept twice but only at 30 minutes duration. Her friends loved Migmig's antics as she gets to utter some words. Looking forward, I don't see any problem living in a condo-type set-up but my wife defers as she prefers a house and lot type of dwelling for us (I agree but where?). We left at past 7:00pm as we anticipate Migmig's hunger for solid foods and took a cab going home. We got home an hour later and fed her. By 9:30pm, I went out and went to Starbucks in Araneta Ave to check-out their 2012 planner. I felt disappointed because the planner got smaller though its cover is somewhat made of wood and it has a pouch with pockets inside. After sipping my cup of coffee, I went back home and went online until probably 1:00am as I felt really tired for the day.

Friday: Got up at around 7:30am as my wife got up early as well. By 10:00am, we started renovating our room, remove some garbage and made adjustments to our bed so that Migmig won't be falling-off from our bed. It took us around 6 hours or so to have our room renovated. For now that would be our set-up. I rested for a couple of minutes before going to Starbucks Araneta Ave., to have coffee, enjoy food and chill-out. Though the place was packed with people, I stayed for probably an hour before buying food for my wife and went back home. I went online as soon as I got home but outside for probably 2 hours. I got to help my wife as she got her hands-full on taking Care of Migmig. Its quite unusual to sleep again near the floor as we had to remove a part of our bed to prevent Migmig from falling again. I slept at around 2:00am as I went online to check my stuff online.

Saturday: Got up at past 8:30am as I was running late to attend Pipho's 6th Anniversary. During breaks, I had lunch at Yoshinoya and coffee break at Starbucks. After the event, I went straight home and got back at 8:15pm. My wife asked me to help her which I did so she could feed Migmig and get some rest. I slept at 2:00am but Migmig cried all of a sudden as if she had a bad dream. We made sure we comforted her before we went to bed.

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