Sunday, November 6

Getting Another Digicam

Our old digital camera (digicam) is more than 4 years old. I started photography using that digicam my wife bought from Singapore during her business trip way back in 2007 since she doesn't want her pictures to be taken using my cellphone.

After purchasing my 24-105 lens, it is likely that getting another digicam may take a year or two after purchasing it but anyway, I'll still get another digicam as a back-up since some establishments and places don't allow photography with the use of DSLR plus its challenging for me to carry and use my DSLR all the time that I need something light and compact.

Anyways, here are four digicams (digital cameras) I highly consider purchasing once my lens and other accessories are all purchased.

Until then, I have to fully maximize what I have. Then, I'll talk about having one of them to my wife. XD

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