Saturday, October 1

My September To-Do List (Final Update)

As of October 1 (sorry for the delay XD), here are the things I've accomplished for September ^_^

1. Settle all bills for the month (Meralco, Broadband). Done
2. Complete all Men's Magazine for September.(Only the latest UNO issue left)
3. Attend The Ultimate Taste Test 6.0 at Rockwell Tent (Done).
4. Attend the 22nd Philippine Travel Mart at SMX (Done). 
5. Pay my 3rd Quarter SSS contribution (Done).
6. Accompany my wife on her friend's wedding on the 26th (Done)
7. Accompany my baby on her check-up (2nd Rota-Virus Vaccine). Done
8. Attend the Otaku Expo on the 4th at SMX (Unable to attend)
9. Attend the Manila Ocean Park's Biggest Food Fest on the 8th (Unable to attend).
10.Try to schedule a photo editing session in the morning (from 8:00am to 10:00am). I was able to edit a lot of pictures. I hope I could keep it up.
11. Attend the Sanmig Oktoberfest on the 16th (Unable to attend).
12. Attend the FHM Signing of Lovi Poe on the 17th (Unable to attend). 
13. Attend the Best of Anime 2011 on the 18th (Unable to attend).
14. Try to visit home in San Pedro to drop-off some stuff. (I was able to go on the 18th)

Now time to draft my plans for November. XD

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