Thursday, September 29

Today is National Coffee Day

I'm still wondering why is there an even such as this one =P. But anyway, read below especially to you coffee lovers like myself XD.

Taken from Google

Rejoice Coffee Lovers!!! Today is the day that all coffee lovers do enjoy, The National Coffee Day as 111 million of coffee drinkers around the world consuming more than 440 billion cups of joe every year. And the numbers keep increasing. In the Philippines actually, some would consume at least two cups of coffee a day (at times, I drink 3 cups in a single day). The constant sprout of coffee shops from each corner of each mall from different municipalities is a living proof that we do really love the good taste of coffee.

Want to know more about this event, Check some details here, here, here, here, here and here

Let have a cup shall we? XD

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