Saturday, October 15

My plans for 2011 (Update)

2011 is almost done and sad to say that I've done probably less than 25% of what I noted. Anyway, here are some updates and insights from my plans for this year.

1. Travel to at least 2 destinations in the Philippines (Sad to say, I may not be able to travel for the next 3-5 years or so, not until Migmig can walk)

2. Get 2 to 3 Third Party Lens (I got a Canon EF 24-105 f/4 IS USM instead XD)

3. Get serious with Cisco (Much as I want to, I may not be able to recertify for now as I need to prioritize other things).

4. Get a better paying job (Since I just renewed my contract with them for another year, I might as well get the most out of it XD).

5. Shoot in RAW (This is the main cause why my pending sets increased. Nevertheless, I'll still shoot RAW whenever I have the chance).

6. Do Project 52. Either 52 Photowalks or 52 Long Exposures (I have my project 365 after my wife gave birth to Migmig).

7. Reinforce Cisco Learning (I'm too pre-occupied as of the moment XD).

8. Get myself 3 new pairs of shoes and a pair of Havaianas (I currently have 2 new pairs of Sanuk XD).

9. Get myself 2 pairs of maong pants and 2 pairs of khakis as well as 3 pairs of walking shorts (combination of maong and the ones with pockets). I might get a few pair before Christmas XD.

10. Have my eyes checked and upgrade my eyeglasses (I got my eyeglasses last March). 

11. Check-in to at least 2-5 Five-Star Hotels in Manila (I guess I have to skip this for the meantime XD)

12. Save enough money for my wife's operation (giving birth) as well as for my future job hunting (I'm starting to realize that afte she gave birth).

13. Enroll in a Photography Class (Basic and Advanced). I enrolled in Jo Avila's Basic Photography Class.

14. Join Photo Contests (Joined some but skipped a lot. Very bad! XD).

15. Finish my Backlogs (Backlogs seem to increase as my priorities have changed).

16. Watch my weight (I still weigh the same XD).

17. Renew my Passport and PRC License. Get an SSS ID and other Government issued IDs (Still, I haven't got anyone of them).

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