Sunday, October 16

The week that was (October 9 - 15)

Sunday: Got up a bit late but I was able to do some errands before heading to Robinson's Place, Manila to check out Collecticon 2011 (I'll create a separate post for this). When I was about to go to work, I got surprised because it was raining so hard I had to wait for a few minutes to subside. But still, it didn't stopped. I took my chance and go against the rain and I got late by 10 minutes. Work wasn't that heavy as I got to update some of my stuff online as well as take a breather. I had my late lunch at the newly built KFC just below our building (besides Jollibee). For dinner, I had Jollibee this time as my colleagues from the night-shift reported early. I took a cab going home so I could be with my family early.

Monday: By 2:30am, Migmig was crying very loudly as she's very irritated with her colds as well as her cough. Me and my wife somehow manage to make her feel much better before we get back to sleep. I got up at 7:30am as my mom gave us a visit. My mom got a little bit sad as her "apo" was not feeling well. But Migmig was at her jolly and active self as my mom was there. After she left, all of us slept back as I got up at around 10:00am. By the time that I got up, I got so busy getting ready for work. Also, I tot busy with work that night as my US Helpdesk Manager asked me to finish some tasks.Good thing I got to finish all of them before heading home.

Tuesday: I got up at past 9:00am and did some errands like doing the grocery for the needs of my family there. I left home quite early as I took a bus going there and got there early. I was surprised with our rest days for the coming months as I was delegated to be one of the shift-leaders for the mid-shift (2:00pm-11:00pm). Personally, I'd rather be a contributor than a leader XD. Work was really heavy and I wasn't able to do much editing/maintenance on my blog. I wasn't even able to watch some documentaries on youtube as well which goes to show that work go really full here. Thank God its my last day for the week XD.

Wednesday: No thanks to severe leg cramps (left leg), I wasn't able to go home to San Pedro to fix my stuff there. I guess I'll try again tomorrow XD. I went online late in the morning as Migmig was sleeping with her mom.By the time they got up, its 12:00pm. I helped my wife with her chores while she's taking care of Migmig full-time that she's having a hard time to report for work until now. I just got to spend the whole day home which was a blessing in disguise for me.

Thursday: I got up as early as 6:00am but I was able to stand up at 7:15am. Without taking much morning rituals, it was off to San Pedro I go. I felt so sleepy while going there but I was able to manage. I had my breakfast at binalot along mainroad where I used to go when I was still living there. Once home in San Pedro, I didn't waste much time to fix the papers I brought along with me. I left at around 4:30pm but I got home at almost 7:00pm as I passed by Jollibee in Bustillos to grab a quick bite. I helped my wife again while she's taking good care of Migmig. As she grows, she's starting to get more and more active and I hope my wife and I would be able to keep up with her pace. I slept at almost 1:00am as my eyes got really tired.

Friday: I got up at past 9:00am as I took Migmig down with me as her mom persisted. She followed after and we fed her before they went upstairs for her morning nap. While she was crying, she spat a lot that made me really worried. My wife said not to worry much as she can take care of her. I recall that her auntie that was suppose to take care of her once my wife works again won't be able to do so anymore. My wife said that she's having a case of "rayuma". I left home at past 12:00pm and got in the office at 1:30pm. Work was quite lite as I got to assist my new colleague how to work on some tickets.By night time, I got to free myself from work and do blogging maintenance before calling it a day.

Saturday: I got up at 6:00am after having probably less than 5 hours. I got some cash since my wife needs it badly before I took a bath and head off to Fort Santiago to attend FPPF's 18th Anniversary and Photowalk. I enjoyed my stay there as much as possible before heading to Makati for work. Once I got there, I felt quite sleepy but still I got to eat my food that I got from the event earlier. By night time, I took care of a ticket and my colleague handled a call which user will callback Monday morning (EST). My body felt really tired that to my surprise, I took the bus on my way home. When I got home, Migmig was still up and awake to my delight. I got to spend my remaining energy on bonding with my baby before all of us went to sleep.

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