Saturday, January 1

My plans for 2011

As the year has begun, targets were set and met. Some, didn't. This year, another set of targets to achieve. but before I lay them down, I'll enumerate down the sayings that moved me one way or another.

1. Never be a tourist in your own country "Huwag maging dayuhan sa sariling bayan"
* I've been reading various travel blogs since the start of 2010. I realized there are a lot of places to explore here in our country and I wanted to see all of them before I meet my creator in decades time.

2. Learning by example isn’t the best way to learn–it’s the only way to learn. - Albert Einstein
* I told myself not to stop learning after one company I wanted to work so bad rejected me. This pushed me harder to learn more and not to stop learning until I retire from my chosen career.

3. The day you stop learning is the day you start becoming obsolete.
*This one really moved me the most. One way or another I shouldn't stop learning on the things I want in life as well as the knowledge I want to earn in my lifetime. 

4. We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand. - Randy Pausch.
*Its really hard to be contented of what we have. Hence we strive for more to the point of obsession.

And now, here are my goals for 2011.

1. Travel to at least 2 destinations in the Philippines
a. Banaue-Sagada (7D/6N)
b. Vigan-Laoag-Pagudpud or vice-versa (7D/6N)
c. Coron (5D/4N)
d. El Nido (5D/4N)
e. Tagaytay (3D/2N)
f. Pinatubo Trek (Overnight)
g. Bataan-Corregidor (3D/2N)

2. Get 2 to 3 Third Party Lens (Canon counterpart is way expensive =P )
a. Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8
b. Tokina 11-16mm

3. Get serious with Cisco.
*This would be my last year as a CCNA. Unfortunately, I haven't got any job related to it. I will try my best to refresh myself and get a re-certification even if I have to learn version 4.0 as well. Probably this would also be one of the hardest goals to reach since I do get pre-occupied most of the time. XD

4. Get a better paying job.
*I'm still thinking if I would extend my contract with Grow/Greif after September 2011. But who knows, I might get a raise or get promoted. XD

5. Shoot in RAW.
*I mean RAW and NOT in Jpeg except for some special cases. This would help me learn to compose my shot and think a lot of times before pressing the shutter button. Also, I'll try to learn to post process my RAW shots to produce much better pictures.

6. Do Project 52. Either 52 Photowalks or 52 Long Exposures.
*I'm thinking to do all of them depending on the situation.

7. Reinforce Cisco Learning.
*Probably, I'll try to learn A+ or any technology that will help me grow as an IT Professional.

8. Get myself 3 new pairs of shoes and a pair of Havaianas (Testing XD).
* A pair of Sanuk
* A pair of Merrell
* A pair of Adidas

9. Get myself 2 pairs of maong pants and 2 pairs of khakis as well as 3 pairs of walking shorts (combination of maong and the ones with pockets).
*My old shorts/maong pants are more than 3 years old and I need to have them replaced and donate the old ones. XD

10. Have my eyes checked and upgrade my eyeglasses. 
*I haven't been to an optometrist/ophthalmologist in the past 2-4 years which I think I have to make this one of my priorities.

11. Check-in to at least 2-5 Five-Star Hotels in Manila
a. Diamond Hotel
b. Manila Hotel
c. Sofitel
d. Cantury Hotel
e. Edsa Shangri-La Hotel
f. Ascott Hotel

12. Save enough money for my wife's operation (giving birth) as well as for my future job hunting.
*I am slowly realizing the challenges of being a breadwinner.

13. Enroll in a Photography Class (Basic and Advanced).
*After being into Photography for more than 2 years, I think it is time for me to take some formal lessons so that I would be guided on getting better pictures as well as meet fellow photographers who also thirst for learning aside from myself. The question here would be which is the best photography school to go to. I have three choices
a. Under FPPF Group
b. Under Jo Avila Photography
c. Under Imagine Nation Photography

14. Join Photo Contests.
*After joining 2 to 4 contests last year, I'll be more active in participating these kind of events to enhance my skills in photography more as well as gain more experience.

15. Finish my Backlogs.
*I have more than 40 sets of pictures to edit and 30 entries to publish here in my blog. probably I have to think of something and allot some time to complete those. XD

16. Watch my weight.
*This has been the biggest struggle of my life. Year after year I made promises to trim down to at least 175 pounds to no avail. Probably, I'd be watching my weight and look for ways to keep it or better yet, reduce it.

17. Renew my Passport and PRC License. Get an SSS ID and other Government issued IDs.
*So far what I have is a Postal ID, Baranggay ID and my Company ID. Some of my IDs have already expired, thus the need to renew/apply. XD

I'll try to update this once in a while and post an update every end of the quarter. I hope I could accomplish all of them and worst comes to worse, at least one will do. XD

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