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A Foodie's Delight at UTT 6.0

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Today's Ultimate Taste Test was co-presented by Our Awesome Planet and San Miguel Lifestyle Brews with Major Sponsor, Cheers Table Napkins; Water Sponsor, Crystal Clear and Media Partners, Yummy Magazine,, and Cinematic Studios. For a 585-peso ticket, it is more than its worth as you will be given an opportunity to be a food critic for a day to 55  of the best food suppliers plus it has a free beer (for 18 years old and above only XD). Oh I forgot that the event was held in Rockwell Tent XD.

I got there a few minutes past 11:00am with my stomach rumbling and looking forward to try out some of the newest and best food suppliers that you won't see anywhere else (except in Mercato Centrale, Midnight Mercato among others). When I got in, I saw the registration table where I handed my ticket and they gave me my food passport and have my wrist strapped with their tag. And it was off to the tent I go XD.

As I got in, I already saw some people queue up at some of the most sought after food suppliers wanting to try they latest creations. I took out my camera from my bag and checked the area as I was supposed to. I stayed there for almost 6 hours as I tried my best to taste all (but I fail as I only tried 44 of 55 food suppliers) and went back to the office stuffed.

I wanted to keep the original passport but they didn't allow me. Good thing I have it photocopied back-to-back before handing it to the staff on the exit. In return, I have to choose on having a Planner (I already have it) or a back issue of Yummy Magazine. I chose the magazine and she gave me not one but two Yummy Magazine's back issues (April 2011 and May 2011).

Here are my thoughts to the samples that I've tried while I was there. I won't indicate my rate (1-5) here but a detailed insights to each one of them (I'll keep on updating them until its complete). 

Warning: This is an honest insight from my POV. Yours would definitely differ from mine XD. 

1. Luigi's Chicken cordon bleu with a choice of aligue mayo, cream cheese or wasabi sauce and Phillychanga: This one is for the win as the chicken cordon bleu was tender and tasty. The Phillychanga however, was far more better as the tortilla wrap was crispy and at the same time, small bits of meat was really tasty.

2. Tina Pie's Chicken and Chorizo: The combination took me away. It was delicious. I hope I could try their regular sized ones.

3. Yoh-Gee's Frozen Kefir: They took healthy dessert to the highest level. The presentation looks like your choosing on which gelato to eat.

4. Marla's Original Muncheez: It reminded me of Baguio's chocolate crispies as this would be Manila's version. 

5. Spring by Ha Yuan's Monk's Choice: This one is an alternative to your usual siopao. Aka Ka-Pow, theirs really rock!

6. Eat My GF's (Garlic Fries) Original Fries with toppings: The best tasting fries I've ever put my mouth into. Plus the concept of eating your gf would bring some naughtiness into ones mind and palate.

7. The Flying Chef's Chocolate and Bacon Empanada and Ham and Cheese Empanada: Both empanadas were good but the one with Chocolate and Bacon was something different for me. They have combined the saltiness of the bacon with the sweetness of the chocolate and it was immaculately good.

8. Carmen's Best's Ice Cream (Salted Caramel and Coffee) and Holly's Milk and Chocolate Milk: One of the most sinfully crafted ice cream I've ever tasted. They're creamy and the best thing is the ingredients are fresh from their farm down south.

9. The Sweet Life by Ange's Camchips, Sweet Surrender and Red Velvet Cheesecake: The camchips and red velvet cheesecakes were tasty but not compared to sweet surrender (brazo with ice cream). Its like having 2 desserts in 1 as I like both ice cream and brazo bars.

10.Merry Moo's Artisan Ice Cream (Brown Bread, Lemon Meringue and Berry Corny): You won't go wrong with their uniquely crafted ice cream especially with their new flavors that I tried (Brown Bread and Berry Corny).

11. Pink Candies Cucina's food for the Gods: Their food for the Gods with nuts made me nuts. Tastes really good.

12. 5 Loaves and 2 Fish (Baked Crunchy Veggie Chips with homemade dips and various spreads): The chips were really extra thin and their dips were really healthy. Also, their name was really catchy as it comes from a bible story.

13. Sushi Mo's California Maki Roll, Tuna and Mayo Make Roll: It tasted just ok. Nothing special.

14. Big Daddy Jay's All-American BBQ (Smoked Pork Ribs): Meat is soft and flavorful. Tastes good even without bbq sauce.

15. Purple Mustard's Sebadas con Miela (Fried Ravioli with Rosemary): Ravioli tastes good.

16. Joy's Fuzion Kitchen (JFK) Chicken Wings: Their version of chicken wings somewhat taste like Manang's or it could be my taste buds again.

17. Pinakbest's Bagnet, Chicharon and Empanada: I don't like my bagnet with their version of patis. their chicharon is known as cornbits and their empanada, it tastes really good.

18. Cre-Ate Concepts's Pizza Teriyaki Mayo and Pizza 4-cheese: I tried their four-cheese and I gave it a four-star rating as well. XD

19. Chevre's Goat Cheese (Chevre with cashews and truffled salt and Chevre with garlic and herbs): Not your usual cheese as these were made by the people from Gawad Kalinga.

20. De Original Jamaican Patties (Beef Original): Tastes just fine.

21. Mang Pedro's Food Product's Almond Taho: Thank God taho has a different flavor now aside from the ones we always have. They also have other flavors but I was given only one flavor to taste. 

22. Baked by Anita's Bacon and Maple Mini Cupcakes and Roasted Strawberry Mini Cupcakes: Tastes really good.

23. Cupcake Botique by Klar-Joseph's Red Velvet, Diplomat (Valrhona) and Green Tea: Their cupcakes were rich and creamy.

24. Casa San Luis Pastries' Adobo and Bangus Quiche: That was the first time I had quiche in my entire life and I really savored every bite.

25. The Fruit Garden Food Products' Fruit Cocktail, Lychee Berry Rose and Winter Season: Four Season (Winter) has this Guyabano taste that I liked so much!

26. Theo and Philo's Chocolate: Their chocolates are really good as they provided me a different taste. Their Siling Labuyo, Ginger, Barako and Calamansi tastes good among others.

27.Chef Table's Buko Pie Martini: They gave buko pie a new meaning.

28. Hyphy's Calamansi Tuyo Spaghetti: Its so good I hope I got to try more.

29. Daims Food Inc's Sausages: I liked their Wasabi-Flavored sausages so as their other flavors as well.


30. Instituto Culinario's Limonada: So refreshing, it cleanses my tastes bud every time I dip my tongue into it before trying other foods.

31. My Pink Wasabi's Kashi Maki: I could have given this a higher score if I was able to try other flavors instead of one.

32. Symphony of Flavor's Leche Flan Cheese Cake: I was expecting a very rich dessert knowing that they combine two of the best desserts for my tastebud. But I got so disappointed that all I tasted was custard cake. I guess they need to plan further.

33. Chef C's Paella Andaluz: Tastes just fine. Nothing special about it

34. Bugle Boy's Arizona Iced Tea: Their green tea tastes so familiar I think I got to taste it before. XD

35. Kiddie Affair's Cupcakes: Tasted just fine. Nothing special.

36. The Ice Cream Bar's Lemon Crumble Yogurt: Refreshingly alright.

37. Heart, Meat and Soul Food's Hearty Meaty Spaghetti: Tasted just fine. Nothing special.

38.  HKR Food Express' Roast Chicken Asado: Tasted just fine. Nothing special.

39. Party Fuel's Mojito Mocktails: Tastes refreshing without the alcohol. That's quite new to me.

40. Almost Gourmet's Parmesan Cheese Sticks and Basil Breaded Fish Sticks:  Tasted just fine. Nothing special.

41. Chori-Chori Burger Joint's Boracay Original Choriburger and Choriburger with Egg/Coleslaw: Tasted just fine. Nothing special.

42. Dek a Thai's Authentic Cuisine: Tasted just fine. Nothing special.

Well, see you on UTT 7.0. XD


  1. For update from time to time XD.

  2. Done adding photos to my entry XD

  3. wow! good job with the photo dear! nice foods as well! looks great! xx

  4. Nice photos sir! I hope I get to attend the next Ultimate Taste Test. Would want to sample a lot of food items too.

  5. I attended the last one .. I plan to attend the next one :)

  6. I have never attended any of the ultimate taste tests. It looks fun! Hope to catch the next one.

  7. Nice photos! Burp! Nabusog ako just by looking at the pictures! :)

  8. gosh, ang daming food. but what caught my eye were the limonada, buco pie martini, tuyo spaghetti and the goat cheese.

    RC Gweniful

  9. Sarap naman dito. Sana meron ulit this year. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Ang daming food! Gusto ko maka-attend ng ganyan... Gosh!

  11. wow, sa dami parang nakakalito na kung anong uunahin .like the dark chocolate with siling labuyo.

  12. That's a great combination. Andaming food.

  13. When's the next one? I must go! Hahaha, hours of gustatory delight :D

  14. You've really written a great review, considering the number of food suppliers that you visited that day -- great memory indeed! After this post, I'm googling each supplier na -- want to try all of them!! :0)

  15. I will make sure that next time this even happens I have to be there. The lists you have here are all tempting from the start till end, I would love to try them all.

  16. Aaaw.. Why didn't I know about this event? It would have been an awesome experience to be part of it. I love food and food loves me. LOL.

  17. The kiddie affairs cupcakes are just so inviting.

  18. Bad trip kaya yan for me. I couldn't get tickets and when I texted the number Anton of OAP provided, she did not reply. I texted 4x. Rang 2x. When I tweeted Anton, dedma.


  19. I like your photos on food. Grabe ang rami! Kung ako yan, tikim tikim lang para hndi ako mabusog at nang matikman ko lahat.

  20. ahmmm.... a lot of food you have there ha.... I want to be a food critic then... LOL

  21. wow.. lotsa food! @.@
    they all look great tasting. love your shots :)

  22. Food overload!!!! Anyway, lovely shots! Wish I can attend the next UTT ^^


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