Tuesday, September 6

The week that was (August 28 - September 3)

Sunday: I got up a bit late as I had to do my usual errands before reporting for work. I left home at almost 1:00pm as I have to wait for my wife to come home from her errand which taking care of Migmig was my main responsibilities. To my surprise, I got in the office at 1:58pm even if I left home at almost 1:00pm. The day was so boring I just watched videos from youtube on Nostradamus Effect. At 7:00pm, it went to Glorietta to look for something to eat.I ended up eating at Mongolian Quick Stop and taking out 2 big donuts from Dunkin Donuts. I waited for our shift to ended before calling it a day and went straight home to get some sleep.

Monday: I got up at almost 6:00am as we're having ourselves ready to go to Tagaytay and Enchanted Kingdom despite of the unpredictable weather. We left home at almost 7:00am and got to Tagaytay at around 8:00am probably as our first stop was at Pink Sisters Convent.The church was closed so we went to the other side to pray (and take pictures for me). Then, we went to Taal Vista Lodge to have more pictures there with a better view of Taal Volcano.The weather was really cool and windy as Taal Volcano was quite difficult t see at that time plus weather was unpredictable. Then we went to Starbucks not to have coffee but to have a better view of the volcano but unfortunately, it started raining that time. While looking for some spots in Tagaytay, I was able to locate where "The Botique Bed and Breakfast" and "T-House" is as I recall a few months back that my wife and I wanted to stay at The Botique while she's pregnant with Migmig. By 11:00am, we went to Picnic Grove to have lunch there.The place was really jam-packed with people, most of them probably from Metro Manila taking advantage of a 4-day holiday. It took us a while to secure our tent and had our lunch there. My wife's family is more comfortable to take pack-lunch than buy at a restaurant to save money (which is fine by me). Our lunch was really enjoyable as I had spaghetti with sisig on it. After lunch, we head straight to Enchanted Kingdon to spend the rest of the afternoon. We got there at around 2:30pm and had our passes ready. Me and my wife got a ride-all-you can wrist tags but we were unable to ride any as we were taking care of Migmig while we get around the themed park. All my wife and I did was take turns in taking care of our baby while others enjoyed the rides. It has been 7 years since the last time I visited Enchanted Kingdom and I promised to myself to take my wife and daughter again after 5 years (so Migmig could enjoy some of the rides). The park closed early so we had our dinner at the van just outside the park. I felt asleep on my way home as I felt so tired after having only a few hours of sleep. When we got back home, I got to go online for a couple of hours more before going to bed.

Tuesday: Got up at 9:30am as my body felt the fatigue from the previous day. Still, I did my usual chores before reporting for work. I got in the office just in time for work. I was able to do some tickets as the day progresses. But still, my body was still aching and wants to get some more rest. After my shift, I went straight home to get some rest.

Wednesday: I got up early at 7:30am but I couldn't walk properly with my left foot. Still, I went to Harrison Plaza to meet my mom and hand her some stuff. I took a cab on my way home as I could barely walk from there. After watching TV for a few minutes, I went back upstairs to get some sleep. I texted my colleagues that I won't be able to report for work. I was able to get some sleep until 12:00pm. Then I had lunch and watched Migmig as my wife took a bath and began going online. Then it was my turn to take a bath and relaxed so my left foot would heal. Then my wife asked me to go to SM Manila to upgrade our broadband internet so we could get a new phone from Sun. I got there at almost 6:00pm but I was able to complete the transaction at past 8:30pm. At home, after having dinner, I enjoyed the rest of the night before going to sleep.

Thursday: I got up at around 8:30am and went online that morning for the first time in weeks. Then, I got to prepare early as I had to go back to SM Manila to submit my wife's form for Sun and have her new unit (free) replaced. It didn't took me that long to have those processed but the mobile phone wasn't replaced. One of the staff said that we were using a wrong key and I got his message right away. Then I arrived in the office with plenty of time to spare. Work was quite light but my body doesn't seem like working for the day, or for a week that I wanted to take a long time-off away from work XD.Still, with no salary, I had Jollibee food for dinner before calling it a day.

Friday: I got up at almost 8:30am as my body is still in the state of sleep XD. I was able to buy vitamins and coconut juice for my wife before preparing to leave home early. But instead of going to the office, I went to SMX first to attend the 22nd Philippine Travel Mart 2011. I didn't bring my camera with me (my bad) as I know my bag will be heavy with all the maps and brochures that I would get. But unfortunately, the travel mart has some good display of each regions which I should have took my camera with me. I left the venue at 1:30pm and got in the office 10 minutes past 2:00pm. My other colleague won't be joining with me in the shift so I'll be by my lonesome (together with my boss) for the rest of my stay in the office.Good thing our monthly pay was already in our account which made me a little bit better. I got to answer some emails that almost drained me before going home. Thankfully, I was able to escalate it to the US team before my shift ended. I bought a banoffee pie for my wife to enjoy at home. I stayed a little bit longer as I sorted some maps and brochures that I got from the event I attended earlier. I took a cab so I would be able to get home quickly to get some rest for the next day's event.

Saturday: Got up at around 7:00am and took Migmig out for her fun in the sun. We went to St. Anthony Shrine but unfortunately, it was closed We went back and spent time with her downstairs before she starts to cry, wanting to be with her mom. When we went back up, I transferred some pictures to our Laptop since I need to free up one of my 4GB SDHC memory card. After freeing it up, its time for me to get ready to attend The Ultimate Taste Test 6.0 at Rockwell tent. It didn't took me that long to get there as it wasn't traffic that day. After spending almost 6 hours there, I went back to the office for the remaining half of my shift. Work was quite slow until almost 11:00pm where I got a call from one of the users from Singapore having another problem that turns out to be a slow internet connection that I was able to fix. I left the office immediately before another call comes in. I got home at past midnight and I'm looking forward to my 2 rest days with my wife and my baby.

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