Thursday, August 4

To Home and Back

Last Tuesday, I already knew where to spend my transition day-off. Since I wasn't able to visit my dad in Batangas and my Mom in Laguna last month, I woke up one morning and took my bag as I head-off to Batangas first.

While on my way, it took me back to time the days when we usually go to Batangas every month and every occasion that we had there until me and my sister got married respectively that going there is almost next to impossible. 

When I reached our home in Bugtong at almost 11:00am, I saw my dad instantly and saw how excited he was to see me after months of being unable to go there. I handed him an invitation to Migmig's (her first grandchild) Baptism on the 21st of August. Since we didn't have food there, I went to SM City in Lipa to buy our lunch and share it back home. My dad enjoyed the lunch I bought and we had some leftovers for him come dinner. After lunch, I took some photos of our backyard as memories of my visit there. I left home at around 3:00pm and head to Laguna to visit my mom there.

My next trip took me around 2 hours as I had to transfer at least 3-4 times. When I got home to Laguna, my mom was already home. I handed my mom our invites to Migmig's Baptism as I rested for a couple of minutes before I had dinner. I need to give some stuff to my mom from Batangas before I embark for home in Manila.

When I got back home, I felt a bit tired but still I felt this urge to go back home to the province to visit them more often. I hope I could pay them a visit again sometime soon and I hope I could take my wife and Migmig with me.

Till then...

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