Wednesday, August 3

The DTI - Bloggers tussle on promotion permits issue

This afternoon while doing some rounds in reading (and learning) blogs from the one's I usually follow, I got intrigued with the latest tussle between DTI and the entire blogsphere. It happens to be that DTI plans to require bloggers secure a DTI permit to run an online contest even if no purchase has been done.

If you ask me, I WON'T give much a damn about it since I don't run any online contest as of yet but rather, I join them to show my support. However, I realized that sooner or later, I'll be having my own contest to draw supporters.

Reading the articles about it rally took much of my time that I wasn't able to edit some of my blogs that needs to be published. Also, this issue has circulated much amongst fellow bloggers which drew a lot of negative feedback about it. Though some found some positive thought about it, I think this would take a while before a resolution would take place. 

You may read more of the articles here, here, here, here, here, and here. It took me more than 2 hours reading them but its quite hard to digest each thought from each blogger and I know there are more out there.

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