Monday, August 8

The week that was (July 31 - August 6)

Sunday: I got up quite early as I need to do some errands for my wife. Good thing she let me take the laptop to the office so I readied my things after doing my part in taking care of our baby. It didn't took me a while before reaching the office. Since I'm the only one on my shift, I made sure to warm-up my laptop for post-processing. Good thing a colleague of mine from the other department also reported for work which kept me company for the rest of my shift. I was able to edit Migmig's day 46 to day 60 pictures as well as the other pictures from FHM's 100 sexiest party a few weeks back. I had my dinner from Jollibee as most of the food stores here are closed on a Sunday. But it helped me more as I was able to edit as much pictures as I can. I left the office at past 11:00pm, being able to edit as much pictures as I could. I took a cab so I could get home quickly. When I got home, my wife wanted to go online for a couple more hours so I set-up the laptop again and she was able to go online until 3:00am the next morning.

Monday: I got up late and Migmig was still sleeping since the weather wasn't cooperative for the past few days. After doing some errands, its off to work I go. I arrived in the office quite early as my colleague wasn't feeling very well.I just told him to relax as felt a little bit sick too but I made sure that it doesn't show. We were complete some tickets and requests before my colleague left the building at 7:00pm. I took a heavy dinner to help me sustain through the rest of the shift. After my shift, I went home right away to be with my family and get some much needed rest.

Tuesday: I got up early (but not as early as I am hoping to)  but I couldn't take Migmig out since it's still raining hard and endlessly. Instead, I prepared myself to visit my folks in Batangas and Laguna.Though traveltime was a bit long, the journey was all worth it (I'll create a separate blog for this). I got back home at past 9:30pm as my wife and baby were waiting for me patiently. I helped my wife with her online work before the three of us call it a day.

Wednesday: I got up early and I was able to edit some of Migmig's pictures. At home, its quite hard since my surrounding isn't that bright as compared when I edit pictures in the office. But for whatever reason, me eyes didn't hurt as much as when I edit in the office. After watching TV, I went out to do some errands (like buying) before getting myself ready for work. I left home at almost 1:00pm but to my surprise, I got in the office with 15 minutes more to spare. Work was quite ok as I got to close some tickets. At 6:00pm, I went to SM Makati to look for a new underwear since I need to change my 5 year old briefs as they were very worn out and has plenty of holes in it XD.I was able to get a good size though I know it needs to be washed several times before it would fit perfectly. It took me almost 2 hours before I got back in the office as I had dinner at a foodcourt in Glorietta 4. Then work was also steady during the second half of my shift. I got a call before going home and I was able to resolve it. I left the office at 11:30pm and got homea few minutes past midnight. Migmig got awake when I got home so I had to spend time with her before we go to sleep.

Thursday: I got up early again and noticed that the weather was much better now compared with the last few days. I was able to edit Migmig's picture and other sets that made me feel good knowing that my pending sets are already rolling. This means I would be able to start editing other sets in no time. After watching TV, I had to go to the drugstore to buy milk for Migmig and some more vitamins for her mom. It was already 12:00pm and I haven't even dressed-up for work. I left home at 12:45pm and got in the office at almost 2:00pm. Work was quite ok as I was able to process some tickets. I went off for almost an hour to have my lunch to go from Go Greek and had it in the office. I had at least 4 calls in less than an hour and I was able to have it fixed. Though my problem as of the moment is that I'm having a case of LBM as I had a liter of chocolate milk XD. Work on the second part of my shift was quite abundant as it kept me busy for most of the time. I left the office at past 11:30pm and got home more than an hour later.

Friday: I got up quite late though I had my plans for the day. I was supposed to leave home at 9:00am to go to 2 events today (World Food Expo 2011 and Bloggers BIO) located at opposite sides of the metro (I'll be creating 2 separate blog posts). I left home at 11:00am and got at SMX at past 1:00pm. I didn't waste much time as I had to go to Trinoma for the other event. Instead of taking the MRT, I took the bus which helped me doze-off for a couple of minutes. When I got to Trinoma, I looked for an internet shop to take note of the registration code that I need to submit. After the bloggers event, I went to Starbucks to have coffee and chill for a while since it was raining quite hard. After an hour, it was still raining so I took my chance and took a cab going home. I got home after more than 30 minutes no thanks to the taxi driver who pretends to knew the shortcut on going home. I rested for a while before doing my laundry. I helped my wife for a couple of minutes before going to sleep.

Saturday: I got up quite early as I had to do some of the errands that I need to do. Then it was TV time for me as I was able to watch some TV shows that I usually follow. Then, me and my wife went to Manila Cathedral to attend the Baptism Seminar for Migmig. We had to do a stop over at Max's Intramuros to have lunch plus pay an additional downpayment for Migmig's reception there. The one that we were supposed to meet wasn't there but thank God one of the assistant supervisors for dining was there to clarify our concerns. My wife made some changes in the menu and I am fine with that. At 1:00pm, we were at the Manila Cathedral for our Seminar on Baptism. The seminar didn't last long as we were expecting and we learned some as well as got our memories refreshed with the experience. Then we went back home as both of us were away from Migmig for hours already. Good thing her lola and auntie took good care of her while both of us were away. I was about to prepare to attend the FHM Autograph Signing and all of sudden, I changed my mind as this would be the fourth time this year I'll miss an FHM Autograph Signing event XD. Instead, I went to SM San Lazaro to check the place for myself as well as buy my gift for my friend's baby girl and my white polo for Migmig's baptismal. The mall wasn't that big but there are interesting spots that I'd look forward to go back to. I got home at past 7:00pm as I felt I got lost on my way. I was able to help my wife with her online work and slept at almost 2:00am the following day to complete her task.

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