Monday, August 8

My Pinoy Blogfest 2.0 Experience (Social Media as an Agent of Change)

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After attending WOFEX at SMX and WTC last Friday,  I head off to Trinoma right away to attend the Pinoy Blogfest 2.0. I wasn't able to attend the Public Social Events early that morning since I went to a different event making me miss this one. I got to Trinoma at almost 6:30pm and when I got to the registration booth, I forgot my number so I went online to look for it before I register.

I noticed that Gadget's Magazine was mainly responsible for making this event a success. Completing the list of organizers are Coke, Teletech, Canon, Globe, Pony, Neo, Asus, Western Digital, Archos,  BenQ, JBL, Sennheiser, Manila Bulletin, Business Mirror, and TriNoma.

Well in most events, they give away freebies as token of appreciation to those who give their time in attending their event. Well, I got mine and they were really useful. Even without those, I'd still attend as I know I'll learn something from it.

Before the event proper started, I got to check-out other booths though I feel that they are already wrapping-up. If I have attended earlier, I would have enjoyed more but still, I had to enjoy the rest of it anyway.

Program proper started at round 7:00pm. To begin with, Usec. Manolo Quezon III (Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office) presented a surprising survey of where and how people got the news and how the question was been perceived.

After Usec Quezon, the discussion was followed by Ms Gang Badoy who is a Media Practitioner and Alternative Educator and the Founder of Rock Ed Philippines. I like her energy and how she presented her topic even without any visual aids to show. “You are your own PowerPoint presentation!” is what she describes herself best for just bringing herself.

Allie Cook was the third speaker who went up the stage. She introduced to us Its a non-profit organization with a mission to help people alleviate poverty through lending. For as low as $25 capital, individuals can start their own business and create their own opportunities. 

Next in line was Mr Walter Panganiban of Coca Cola's CSR group. As Gadget Magazine's partner, they're pushing for the "Live Positively" campaign which aims to make a positive difference towards everyone through saving our planet like energy conservation, reduce-reuse-recycle and going green etc. They are also introducing the GoodBlog Awards. Bloggers from around the country are encouraged to join and submit their entries with the theme: "Spark and Share" which are subdivided into three categories (Text Blog, Photo Blog or Video Blog).

Gary Granada also performed for his original compositions in front of everybody. The event was indeed enlightening as I'm fortunate enough to be included in the list while cocktails were served courtesy of Conti's.

There were raffle prizes to give away but too bad I didn't won any (there's always a next time).

And I made sure to get myself satisfied as the day was really tiring but I enjoyed every minute of it. ^_^

I hope I could attend Pinoy Blogfest 3.0 next year. XD

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