Sunday, August 14

The week that was (August 7 - 13)

Sunday: I got up early to do some of the remaining laundry before doing other errands. It was a lazy Sunday for me as I got to real Sunday's paper which I haven't done for the past month. I got to watch TV as well as spend more time with my baby girl that really made my day worth while. At around 1:00pm, I got myself ready to attend the first birthday of my barkada's daughter. I was supposed to go but my wife wanted to tag along. I agreed then she changed her mind not to join, then she changed her mind to join XD. We took a cab to Glorietta 5 as this would be Migmig's first time to go to Makati. We were able to find the place and make ourselves comfortable. We took turns in carrying Migmig as she's really getting heavier and heavier. I got to meet my old colleagues again together with their respective families After the birthday party, we spent more time drinking beer and sharing the good old times we had back in college. After a few bottles (6 or 8 to be exact), we all went home as me and my family took a cab going home. At 9:30pm, were home and I slammed myself to bed.

Monday: I got up at 1:00am which was too early for me plus I was having a case of hang-over after being sober for quite a long time. It was also hot at that time that we had to turn the aircon on at 2:00am. I turned it off at almost 6:00am and slept some more until 8:00am. At that time, I'm completely sober now and I was able to do some errands as well as watch some TV before waking my 2 girls up. I need to take care of my baby as my wife was taking a bath before reporting to work. I left at almost 1:00pm and got in the office at around 2:01pm. Work was quite steady as I was able to do some tickets plus got to update some of my posts. I had granola for dinner which made my stomach really heavy. Work was quite light on the second half of my shift as I was able to reconnect with my plants vs zombies game which I hope I could get back my game there XD. I left the office at almost 11:30pm but I got home faster than I expected.

Tuesday: I got up at around 8:00am and tried to keep myself up and running.I was able to do some errands after watching TV. Migmig got up a bit late so I spent some time with her and assisted her lola on her bath. Before I reported for work, my wife told me to take care of our baby for a few minutes while she's taking her bath. I left home at around 12:45pm and got in the office with a few more minutes to spare. At 3:00pm, one of my colleagues was celebrating her birthday (in advance) so we had a small snack that helped me save some money. I got a call from the EMEA that probably took me that long before advising the user to call her Local IT first for initial investigation. Before that, I had dinner at soup kitchen but I wasn't able to get a 50% discount from them (I got only 20%) for a soup and salad combination which I ate it at The Enterprise Center. After that long call, it was slow and steady for me as I answered mostly emails from US users. Then at 11:02pm, I already logged-off from my work station before heading for home which I got home before midnight. I was quite surprised that my wife turned on the aircon so early so Migmig would have a good night sleep. The three of us dozed-off before 1:00am.

Wednesday: I got up at 8:00am again despite my desire to get up earlier to edit some of Migmig's pictures. Instead, I went to Mc Donalds to claim my free coffee and try it myself. The coffee was just fine. Nothing special about it, but its free so who would decline right XD? Then I got to watch TV when my wife and baby girl got up earlier than I expected was the time I had to share the TV with them XD. Migmig felt asleep after playing with as her mom took a bath first. Then all of a sudden, our baby cried out loud that I even had a hard time pacifying her. It took us 5-10 minutes before she stopped crying as she wanted more sleep but on her mom's arms. I had to buy some food for my wife before I left for office. Commuting was pretty quick as I got in the office with plenty of time to spare. Since I am the only person for the shift, I have to be more cautious as I'll have to be ready in answering calls from all regions that we support plus the email requests that I have to handle. I had cereal for dinner which gave me enough energy to cover the entire shift. I felt a bit bored that I had to do some things that gave me pleasure XD. I left the office at past 11:30pm and got home in less than an hour. My wife and baby were still awake as we got to spend more time before all of us went to sleep.

Thursday: I forced myself to get up at almost 8:30am. Thank God, I took Migmig down for her to have a different scenery. Then all of a sudden, she was having tantrums again even if I already fed her and carried her with me. It appears to be she wanted to be with her mom so we went back up before I watched TV. I left home early so I could stop by at SM Manila to buy my Dutdutan 2011 Ticket and T-Shirt. After getting the merchandise that I need, it was off to work for me. Work was quite terrible as I got really loaded with work and I couldn't do much on my other stuff XD. I asked my wife she wanted to have lunch outside by the next day and she agreed. Thank God by 7:00pm, the phones are in day mode (for the US) which would lessen my work load for the rest of the shift in terms of call handling. Before our shift ended, our team had a preview of a possible team meeting in the days to come which for me, is much needed. I would agree with my colleagues that our team needs probably an overhaul that would make our team much better. The discussion was quite intense, I left the office a few minutes before midnight and I had no choice but to hail a cab to get home quickly. My wife was still online when I got home so I hurried up and helped her until probably 1:30am the following morning. 

Friday: I got up quite early again to enjoy my rest day. I bought some breakfast for my wife as I got my free coffee at Mc Donald's in our place. I was able to enjoy my coffee while watching TV as my wife was online early for her meeting. Then, both of us were busy as we dressed-up to have lunch at Grilla to use my Ensogo Voucher (I'll create a separate blog for this). We took a cab going to Greenhills but our cab was running out of LPG so we walked for at least 5 mins before reaching Grilla. After our long lunch, we went to Xocolat to use my other voucher from cashcashpinoy and got myself 5 different slices of cakes. Then we went to the mall to look for Migmig's Baptismal Dress but unfortunately we couldn't find any that my wife liked. Before that, we went to Goodwill Bookstore to look for Migmig's baby books. It seems that my wife wanted our baby to learn early at her age. We got more than 10 books and spent 600 pesos for the books. We took the bus going home but the first bus was already busted so we had to wait for another. We got home early and I went online at an internet cafe nearby but I felt very tired and sleepy. I went back home but my baby was sleeping so I just watched TV until I came to my senses as my body felt much better. I helped my wife again online as she took a video of Migmig using our old digicam. I also did my laundry before going to bed.

Saturday: For whatever reason, my body felt so numb and I still feel tired even if I used to get only less than  6 hours of sleep. After getting up, I got myself ready to pay our bill plus my plan of having late lunch at Atsu-Atsu Ramen along Araneta Avenue (I'll write a separate blog about it). When I was on the road already, I had to choose which way should I go. Then, I choose to pay my bills at SM Manila and take a longer route. Probably it took me more than an hour to reach Atsu-Atsu Ramen and I stayed there for an hour and a half at the most. Going back home was quite a challenge as my legs were quite stiff and my body begins to feel heavy. I took a cab going to SM Centerpoint when I decided to go get some basic necessities back home. Good thing I felt much better the moment I saw my daughter but I have to be quiet. I helped my wife online again until past 2:00am.

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