Friday, August 19

Lunch at Grilla (in Greenhills)

My Ensogo voucher for Grilla was almost up and I have only few days available to use it. Come Friday, I asked my wife to join me so that my voucher won't go to waste. We took our 3-month old Migmig with us as to complete our family bonding together.

Happy Monkey!?! XD

We took a cab going to Greenhills and got there in less than an hour to have our late lunch there. When we got there, the place was pretty much empty since were having our lunch a bit late. The ambiance is somewhat resembles of a jungle that is cool and refreshing. After placing our orders, we made ourselves comfortable.

Welcome to the Jungle XD.

Grilla serves mostly Filipino food so I don't think my wife would have any problems with what I'll be choosing. Anyway here goes...

Our baby is also hungry as well

First served was the two soups. The Creamy Pumpkin Soup (75 pesos) and the Cream of Spinach Soup (65 pesos). Both of them were creamy and tastes good especially when hot.

Cream of Spinach Soup

Cream of Pumpkin Soup

Two soups

While were waiting for the main dish, we had some Rumble in the Jungle 1 (295 pesos). Its an appetizer featuring some of their best. selections. The selection includes, nachos, kwek-kwek (quail eggs dipped in orange batter), baked mussels, button mushrooms and pork barbeque which they all do taste good anyway.

Rumble in the Jungle 1

Your favorite street foods all in one plate. XD

Since I love eating sisig, but I don't know which to choose, I got their Sisig Sampler (285 pesos). To be exact, I picked, pork, tuna and squid sisig as they're my top picks. It tastes just right. Not too spicy, not too oily. Just right for my taste. XD

Sisig Sampler

A drinker's dream. XD

For the main dish, we simply ordered Filipino Feast (525 pesos). The Filipino Feast features their all-time Filipino favorites. It's a perfect combination! Kare-kare, garlic chicken and pork adobo, talong ensalada and steamed rice and its also good for 2-3 person. My wife and I hardly finished it but the food tastes pretty much ok.

Filipino Feast

My wife can finish off the entire table. XD

Garlic Chicken and Pork Adobo

Beef Kare-Kare

It was a hearty meal for me and my wife as were pretty much full with all the food on the table.Grilla is a good place to eat if you're looking for Filipino dishes. ^_^


  1. Yummy! I can smell the food here. You really had food trip. I really miss the kare kare.

  2. I had one visit to Grilla before which was very disappointing. Because of this, I will give them one more chance. =)

  3. OMG! The Kare-kare looks tempting. Went to green hills last week, got lost, I wonder if I passed by Grilla. LOOOOOL O__O

  4. the sisigs look good in a triple serving tray, okey ah...what was for dessert hehehe...

  5. Looking at all these food makes me wanna go home..:( they look so delicious!

  6. That spinach and pumpkin soup looks so good. Oh the Kare Kare as well. You made me hungry.

  7. pumpkin soup pa lang solved na! Will try Grilla when I'm in Greenhills.

  8. Wow! Grilla's offerings are quite something ah, and prices are very affordable! :D Will definitely try this when I'm in the area.

  9. My husband and I love sisig! Ang sarap naman tingnan nung sisig sampler -- three in one! =)

  10. Would love to try the Sisig and Kare-kare! Looks so yummy... ^-^


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