Sunday, August 21

Another late lunch at Atsu-Atsu Ramen

I have another voucher from Ensogo that is almost going to expire and perfect timing I was able to use it on a Saturday (August 13). Prior to calling them for reservation, I checked out some blogs about their food and service and so far, I see more good reviews than the not so good reviews.

A 15-minute walk from Quezon Avenue

Going there was really challenging as I had to walk along Araneta Ave cor. Quezon Ave. It took me at least 15-20 minutes to get to Atsu-Atsu. When I got inside, I felt that I got to visit Japan's culture and enjoyed its food. After I gave my voucher, I picked my food to chow down to.

Irrashai Mase!

For starters, they served the usual California Maki (price unknown). Though I find nothing special, it still tastes alright plus its filling to the tummy.

California Maki

Then my meal was served. I got to savor the aroma of  Tokyo Ramen (240 pesos for two).

Tokyo Ramen

All mine! XD

All empty. XD

While having my ramen, I have Salmon Onion Yaki (170 pesos) for my Yakimono.

Salmon Onion Yaki

For dessert, I got my Coffee Jelly (80 pesos). Their coffee jelly was quite good but my complain was the scoop of ice cream was really small. I shouldn't have ordered this and looked somewhere else. Oh well.

Coffee Jelly. More ice cream would have been better.

If the location was not that far from Quezon Avenue, I could frequent the place more often. More than that, I love their ramen I wanted to swim in its broth XD.


  1. sarap humigop ng sabaw lalo ngayong tag-ulan... and the salmon, yummmy, just order double next time for dessert hehehe...

  2. Another Japanese Confort food in Manila! Quezon Ave is a bit far from me though.

  3. sarap naman! malapit lang ako sa quezon ave, ive to to try this one out!

  4. very interesting :D im so into japanese cuisine ^^

  5. I've tried coffee jelly before in a turkish restaurant. maki's looks yumyum! xx

  6. Been here last year and their ramen was soooo good!

  7. It looks interesting. Will keep this in mind.

  8. I love Ramen lalo na nagyong maulan na panahon na ito. sarap! :) Noks Sosa I

  9. Parang ansarap talaga nung ramen! The California rolls look delicious too. :)

  10. Hey Sir Mark! I live nearby so I would love to try this atsu soon.. Any other landmarks?

  11. Another place to go to kapag naghahanap ng Japanese food at sawa na sa Tokyo Tokyo. Yun nga lang bandang Quezon Ave lang ito.

  12. My friend and I are a great fan of ramen. Since they live close to Q. Ave, I might be able to invite them to dine at Atsu Atsu some time soon. You should try Ramen X at Trinoma as well. I love their Kimchi ramen. <3


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