Tuesday, June 7

The week that was (May 29 - June 4)

Sunday: I got up early but the sun wasn't cooperating with me so I took Migmig out for some fresh air instead. For the past few days, she's a bit active that she wakes up the minute that either me or my wife puts her to our bed for her to sleep. I tired to fix my things as I'll be reporting for work. It was drizzling a bit but I got in the office just in time. My colleague wasn't there yet so I stayed in the office for a while before he came. Then off to SMX I go and got there after an hour. There were many people in the event as most of them takes pictures of the models much more than taking pictures of cars. I just stick with taking pictures of the models that I've seen for the first time. I saw some of my friends there and we took turns in taking pictures. By 7:00pm, my friend gave me several Tanduay calendars for 2011 as she wanted to give it out to her friends. Then I went to MOA to have dinner and went straight to Mongolian Barbeque by Sweet Inspirations and got two bowls of mongolian barbeque. On my second bowl, I felt so full that I almost quit eating and willing to pat additional for leftovers but I didn't. And I pay the price of feeling heavy and dizzy that I almost passed out on my way back to the office. Thank God I was able to get back and share the goodies to my officemates. I stayed there for a while before logging-off at 11:30pm. I took a cab as my bag was really heavy and so was my body. I got home at midnight and got to play with my daughter before going to bed.

Monday: I got up early to take Migmig out again before giving her back to her mom. I was able to go online for an hour or two as I try to check some personal stuff online. I left home a bit late at past 12:00pm feeling a bit dizzy and I got to the office 30 minutes after my shift started. Why? Because there was a parade going on along Ayala Avenue which forced me to go down at Ayala Ave corner Gil Puyat. I stopped by CBTL in Convergys building and got to use my voucher for a buy one take one salad. I got in the office with a splitting headache and I tried my best to control it. Eventually, the pain went away by 7:00pm and I was able to do some work since its Memorial Day in the US (which means we have to be on our toes). I got 2 calls while my colleague got 3 but those were pretty easy calls. I took the EDSA route going home and got home an hour later. I was able to relax and check on my daughter before going to bed. 

Tuesday: I got up at 7:00am as I was thinking if the sun was already up. I took Migmig out for her daily dose of sunshine. Looking at her makes me feel energized and ready for the day ahead even if I slept for only a few hours. We went back to her mom as she cried all of a sudden (probably she's hungry). Instead of going online early, I read some old newspapers and bought new ones for me to check last night's 6/55 lotto results. I got 4 out of 6 numbers but they were scattered so better luck next time for me XD.   I got in the office just in time to start my shift. I checked our payslip and we already have our monthly pay. We had pizza this afternoon as a treat to everyone though 2 slices of pizza won't make me feel stuffed XD. Work was steady as I was able to process APAC (Asia-Pacific) tickets via email. After almost all people have left the office, my colleague and I ordered pizza from Shakey's and used my pizzanatic card. We got two pizzas for the price of one and a big bottle of coke which took us almost forever to finish it (that would be 2 family sized pizzas for 2 people XD). After shift, I went home right away and probably slept for most of the way. When I got home, my wife complained that it was humid so we switched on the aircon for a goodnight sleep.

Wednesday: I got up at almost 7:00am after getting a few hours of sleep. My daughter was still sleeping when I took her down for her vitamin d. She was curling up while I bathe her under the sun. and she was sleeping the whole time we were outside. I took her back to her mom and I went online until 8:00am. I got to watch game 1 of the NBA finals while got to run some errands. I left home at almost 12:00pm to go to harrison plaza to meet my mom there. Once I got there, we had our lunch at Shakey's and got to finish my lunch. Then I left for office and I got there within the the 5 minute of the grace period. When I was supposed to brush my teeth, I noticed my toothbrush was missing until I got a shock that my backpack was slashed. I was so pissed at that time I wanted to go back to that place and look for the culprit. Instead, I went to the bank to settle some accounts and bought a new toothbrush for myself before going back to my desk.Work for me was quite loaded as I am the only one in our shift (together with our TL). I was able to manage though and went home with my bag slashed. My wife was surprised to see how big was my bag slashed when I got home but she was thankful nothing happened to me. Migmig got awake when I got home and wanted me to carry her again to sleep.

Thursday: I got up a bit late at past 7:30am as my body was still aching from losing sleep for the past few weeks. And my wife told me to take Migmig down for her daily dose of sun which I did while my wife watched through the door. I was only for a few minutes before we took her back up to make her sleep again. I was able to do other things before reporting for work. Good thing I got there on time as some of my colleagues from the morning shift were busy with their work among other things. I had my dinner early as I ate Pancit Canton and Corned Tuna as my main source of energy. I felt it wasn't enough, I bought a slice of cake from Banapple and ate it back in the office. Then, my wife texted me to buy some diapers for Migmig since she only have a few more to spare. By 7:00pm, I went to Landmark to buy her the diapers that she needs plus I bought 2 cartons of apple juice for my wife and a big slice of all-meat pizza at French Baker for me. I couldn't help myself but to eat more and feel my tummy getting full for the nth time this month. Work was quite full but my mind and body wasn't at sync at all. I left the office at 11:30pm and took a cab instead of taking the bus which I did the previous night. I got home at exactly midnight as my wife was reading her baby book.

Friday: I got up early again to take Migmig out for her vitamin D. As soon as we went back up, I felt I need to take a break from work so I informed the office that I won't be able to report. They were fine with it and I was able to do other things that I haven't been able to do. I was supposed to go to Eastwood by lunchtime but my wife needed a hand in taking care of Migmig hence, I left home at almost 3:00pm. I took the LRT going to Cubao before heading to Eastwood City in Libis. It took me a while before finding Chuck's Deli as it had a different name on the mall's map. Once I got there, I tried their food before going back home. I forgot to bring my camera with me but I'll be back probably in July. It was raining when I went back home and as I pass by Shopwise, one of the sellers there gave me a leaflet for their project at Gilmore. I got back home at 7:00pm and went online for an hour at least before getting my things ready for the next day's event.I made sure that my batteries were all well charged and my memory card is clear. Though I would be away for the entire day (and most of the night), I wanted to make sure that my daughter will be well taken care of while I'm away.

Saturday: I got up anhour earlier than scheduled as I attended DPP's 5th Anniversary event at Bonifacio High Street (I'll create a separate blog for this). I left home at 6:30am and got there at almost 8:00am. The event was an all-day and almost all-night event. After the live judging, we all went to Midnight Mercato to have our late dinner there. I showed my friends where I hang-out lately (but for this case, it would be my first as I usually frequent the place in the morning). The food was really good though I felt the kick of the alcohol that I had during the event. I took a cab going home so I could use my remaining energy playing with my daughter before going to sleep and doing my daddy tasks the next morning XD. 

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