Wednesday, June 1

Slashed Back Pack

Current mood: Very Angry

For the second time in 30 days, someone wanted to steal valuable possessions from me. This time in the form of slashing my bag. Not just any bag, but my almost four year old TNF (The North Face) Bag which I bought a couple of years back. I just noticed it when I got in the office that my backpack was heavily slashed. As far as I can remember, My bag was in great shape when I met my mom earlier as well as when I bought a sundae cone at 7-11 in Buendia. My hunch would say that my bag was slashed on the bus going to Ayala ave. Because as far as I know, I didn't have anyone sit next to me very closely until I rode that bus to Ayala Ave and heard some dropping noise in my bag. I didn't pay much attention to it as I thought it was from another bag. It couldn't be the one seated next to me at my left since my bag was facing me and it got slashed on the right side. I checked my bag for the things that could have been dropped or stolen. So far the things that the culprit could have got from my bag are the following.

1. My toothbrush and its case
2. 4 packs of 3-in-1 coffee
3. 3 packs of Tang litro pack
4. Several pack of unused condoms. 

I'm not sure whether the condoms were expired or not. But if its expired, the thief would be screwed. XD

Anyway, I have to be extremely more careful moving forward. I could still use that bag until the end of the year and I'll see where it would take me.

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  1. Blogger warned me that this blog his ADULT content and I have to agree and understand it before proceeding. Then after reading your most recent post, I giggled with Google. Lol @ condoms.

    Anyway, I can relate to this post because my bag was slashed, too last 2009.
    Professionally Slashed

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