Thursday, June 16

My June To-Do List (First Update)

As of June 16, 2011, here are the updates from my list this month. I'll add some more to my list.

1. Buy all June issues of my men's magazine collection (Almost there).
2. Attend DPP's 5th Anniversary Party (Done and enjoyed the event)
3. Take my wife and child to their respective doctors for their vaccine on the 20th (Only a few more days to go)
4. Control myself from buying those groupons. (Still resisting to temptation XD)
5. Try to renew my passport (Might reschedule it for the nth time)
6. Settle my SSS and Philhealth quarterly contributions (Done)
7. Settle our electric and internet bill (Done)
8. Control my spending habits when eating (Not doing good here XD) 
9. Attend the Toycon 2011 on the 18th
10. Join the Hidalgomez Photo Contest sponsored by Canon and Camera Shops in Hidalgo on the 19th. 
11. Find a way to attend The First Blogger's Buffet at Carol Texan 5 on the 23rd. 
12. Continuously edit old pictures and Migmig's Project 365 (I'm doing good here XD).

Final update will be at the end of the month XD.

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