Monday, May 30

The week that was (May 22 - 28)

Sunday: I got up early to take Migmig out again. We stayed for quite a while outside before going back inside the house. Then I did the remaining laundry that was left from yesterday and I was able to finish them all. My wife told me to take the laptop with me to work so I could upload Migmig's pictures on her facebook account. After buying Sunday's paper and getting myself ready for work, I left home at 10:30am to pass by Robinson's Place Manila to attend the 5th Tagcom Event (I'll create a separate blog for this) and look for another pair of Sanuk. I got there in no time and I was able to take a quick snapshots of the event but I didn't stay long there because I need to report at 2:00pm. Then I went to Sanuk to buy myself another pair. Since they were on sale for selected pairs at 50% off, I got tempted to buy two pairs but I only ended up with one. I had my quick lunch at Mongolian Quickstop before trekking my way to the office. Since I am the only one for the shift, I wasted no time in transferring picture files. It took me a while before transferring all pictures. Then I looked for some baby pictures to upload to my wife's facebook account. For less than 10 pictures, it took me 2-3 hours to choose the best unedited pictures. After uploading Migmig's pictures to her mom's facebook account, it was my turn to edit some old pictures from 2010. I got to edit Migmig's day 1 pictures and upload them to my facebook account. Good thing my entire shift was quiet which means no calls as I got to listen to good music while working on my laptop. After my shift, I went home via taxi cab and got there in 30 minutes. I was able to have quality time with my wife and my daughter before calling it a day.

Monday: I got up early to take out Migmig for her daily dose of Vitamin D before I gave her back to her mom. I was able to watch WWE's over the limit on Jack TV before reporting to work. Going to work didn't take me that long and I got there at past 1:00pm. Then I went to Landmark to do some groceries and buy some apple juice for my wife to try. Work was quite slow as it was still Monday early morning in the US. I was able to go online but my mind was pre-occupied with something else. I felt really sleepy after my shift so I went home right away and took a taxi cab. I got home in 30 minutes to be with my wife and daughter. Migmig was fast asleep when I got home.

Tuesday: I got up early again to take out Migmig but the sun wasn't that cooperative so we just walked around the neighborhood and took her to St Anthony before going back home to her mom. Then all three of us lay down as we watched our daughter's eyes wonder around. It is really energizing to see her every morning before I start my day and before I go to bed.We gave her a bath before getting ourselves some. I left home early to meet my mom at Harrison Plaza. I got there in an hour and had lunch at Tokyo-Tokyo before going to the office. Once I got there, I took a breather before going to Landmark again to buy milk for my wife and diapers for my daughter. I got back to set-up my PC and open my needed tools.Work was quite steady as all three of us in the mid-shift were present. After our shift, I took a cab going home and got home in 30 minutes. Then I took my time to relax as my wife and daughter were already asleep. 

Wednesday: I got up again early for my baby girl's daily sunshine before going back up to her mom. Then I got to watch the NBA play-offs on TV as I waited for 11:00am (my time to get ready for work). It didn't took me that long to get to the office as traffic was just fine. After logging-in, I rested for a while before going out to buy some Buffalo Wings for lunch at Buffalo Wings N' Things as heavy rains pour down while waiting for my food.But it didn't prevent me from going back to the office as I got wet (not that much) before getting back to work. By dinner (my lunch time) I was able to enjoy my wings though I wasn't ablt to get myself a soup at 50% off (they were only giving 20% discount that time). Good thing we didn't got much calls during my shift and I got to assist one user in the US with a software installation. I hailed a cab going home after my shift and I was able to get there in 30 minutes. Just in time to spend time with my two girls before going to bed.

Thursday: I got up early and did my morning rituals together with my lovely daughter. She was in her usually quiet but perky type as she keeps on staring at me as well as checking her surroundings. For a one-month old baby, I guess my traits are slowly showing at her XD. After our morning sun, we went back upstairs to the bedroom for me to get some more sleep and for her to get more milk from her mom. I got to watch game 5 of the NBA's WCF (Western Conference Finals) before reporting for work. I left at past 12:00pm but I got in the office quite early. I was able to do some work on our new ticketing system. It is web-based which can be opened on any web-browser. I used Mozilla Firefox 4 since I'm used to it since I've shifted from IE to FF. I got two calls and I was able to log them using the new tools. I felt a bit nervous at first as I might make a mistake in filling-out the details that I need but it turned out just fine. Our new tool would make our work much faster (I'm looking forward to it). I got to review the document on its ins and outs before ending my shift and took a cab going home for the fifth time for the week.

Friday: I got up early to take Migmig out for her Vitamin D. Then we went back up to her mom for her to giver her some milk. I went online for a few minutes before having myself ready to attend the 20th Transport Show at SMX Convention Center (I'll create as separate blog for this) I left home at around 10:30am and got there at almost noon. Since I'm hungry by the time I got there, I went to a new mongolian restaurant and tried their food there. Good thing they have this promo for 280 pesos (No Leftover, No Sharing) which was only available from Mondays to Fridays, 10:00am-3:00pm. The place wasn't full of people when I got in but eventually, the place got filled. I enjoyed 2 bowls of mongolian barbeque that really stuffed me for the day. I got to the carshow at past 2:00pm and started shooting as my wife texted me to go home early as the weather is cloudy and it will rain soon. By 6:00pm, I am already done, looking forward to go home. I got home at past 7:00pm as my wife and daughter were looking forward to see me. I went online for an hour or two before finally heading for bed. I told my wife that I'll be leaving early for the next day's photowalk with my photo buddies. She agreed provided that I'd go home early XD.

Saturday: I got up an hour earlier than my usual waking time (5:30am). I got myself ready, sipped a cup of coffee and carry Migmig in my arms for a few minutes before heading to Liwasang Bonifacio to attend HGTribe's Grand EB/Photowalk. I left home at past 7:00am even if the weather was unpredictable and I got to our meeting point a few minutes later. I thought no one would attend but I saw someone walking with a camera bag on his shoulder which means the shoot must go on. I got to meet again my fellow hobbyists and newbies as well but the weather wasn't cooperating at that time. We went to the Manila Post Office to have ourselves warm-up and took a few snapshots before the sun re-appears. That means we will go to Intramuros for the shoot. I haven't been to Intramuros for a shoot but it was fun and besides I got to eat at Manang;s Fried Chicken again. By noontime, my legs were cramping a bit and I decided to break from the group and head to Robinson's Place Manila to buy some things needed at home. I got my baby's milk and another feeding bottle while I bought my wife her apple juice. I took a cab going home and got there at almost 2:00pm. My baby was crying when I got there so I carried her to ease her pain. I rested for a while and edited some pictures of my baby before I decided to look for a study lamp that would serve as a dim light in our room. I left home again at 5:00pm and took the LRT going to Gateway. I was able to buy the lamp but I wasn't able to buy the magazines that I wanted to. In a snap, I took a cab and went to Robinson's Galeria to find out if the magazines were available. And all of them were available there and I made sure to buy them all. Then I had my dinner at a new restaurant at the ground floor called "Hainanese Delights". One good thing about the place is that its "hainanese rice all you can" there and I got 6 cups of hainanese rice before going home. I got back home at 8:00pm and soaked some laundry for the next day as well as set-up the lamp I bought. Though I slept at past midnight very tired, my day was really worth it.

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