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"DPP On a High" The 5th Anniversary Event / Party

Taken from their foum in DPP. I remembered attending one last year and it was really fun together with my friends. Anyway, here are the details for this Saturday's event.

Taken from DPP Forum

We held our 4th Anniversary last year in Fully Booked High Street. When I arrived at 8am, my jaw dropped from the amount of people waiting outside for the doors to open. It was a great day. We got a greater turnout than we expected and this response told us that we outgrew the venue. 

So what do we have to do accommodate the swelling membership of DPP? Naturally we need a larger venue. People were joking that we should hold our 5th in the SMX at MOA. Not a bad idea but we like the idea of Bonifacio High Street because its centralized. We also like the outdoors. So for this years 5th Anniversary Event, we have decided to stay in High Street, with a few changes. Rather than just hold our event at Fully Booked, 

We're taking over the entire High Street!

So thus our 5th Anniversary slogan "DPP on a High"


DPP On a High
Date: Saturday, June 4, 2011
Time: 10:00 am to MIDNIGHT / Registration begins at 7:30 am
Entrance: FREE with Anniversary Pass in future DPP Issue #38

What to Expect:
For the noobs here in DPP, our Anniversary Event is one of the most talked about photography events in country. We get the top photographers in the country to give workshops every hour on the hour from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. At 8:00 pm we have our infamous LIVE JUDGING show where our photography contest finalists get their images either praised or critiqued by the country's top photographers in front of a bunch of DPP participants. Think American Idol but for photography.

We have already received confirmation from the best of the best in the country to lecture at our event. We won't give names yet until everything is finalized 100% but I can assure you, we won't disappoint. 

Just like last year, workshops will be FREE with a DPP Anniversary Pass and will also be first-come-first-served. The problem last year was the limited space in Fully Booked High Street. Not this year. We'll have other lecture areas within High Street and should be able to accommodate almost everyone unless we get like 10,000 people showing up 

We had two LIVE SHOOTS last year during the event. We plan to do the same this year but maybe 3-4 shoots instead. 

Save the date! Saturday, June 4, 2011 / DPP On a High / Bonifacio High Street

The list of confirmed speakers for On a High: DPP 5th

Drum Roll please............Are you ready?

1. Pilar Tuason
2. Manny Librodo
3. Buboy Librodo
4. Raymund Isaac
5. Xander Angeles / Niko Villegas Edge of Light
6. Tom Epperson
7. Jay Tablante
8. Wesley Villarica
9. Jo Avila
10. Jay Jallorina
11. Edwin Martinez
12. Doc Marlon Pecjo
13. Jason Magbanua
14. Per-Andre Hoffman- confirmed May 27
15. Dino Lara

16. Lito Sy

We may be adding a few more still.

Here is a list of the subject lectures that will be given at the DPP 5th Anniversary. 


Raymund Isaac: How to Shoot Celebrities and other Headaches
Here the king of celeb photography will talk to you about shooting techniques but also more importantly, how to handle VIP clients and what to do when things don't as planned

Xander Angeles / Niko Villegas: Edge of Light Deconstructed 2.0
If you attended DPP Anniversary last year you may have enjoyed how the Edge of Light team presented their latest images and took them apart. The guys plan to show their latest work and explain their latest lighting techniques.

Jason Magbanua: DSLR Film Making
The countries finest video maker will show interested photographers how to take advantage of their cameras video modes and start creating art through film making

Jay Tablante: Creativity and Concept Creation (title not yet final)
Jay Tablante and friend Raffy Tesoro will let you in their inner circle and explain how they create their unique photography concepts. Jay will also talk about his lighting techniques and how it adds to the total feel of the image. Raffy Tesoro on the other hand is a noted stage and production designer and he will share how he and Jay pull off all those shoots.

Manny Librodo: When Travel Meets Fashion
We all admire Manny Librodo and you wouldn't want to miss this lecture as Manny shares with you his techniques he developed through the years first from shooting travel and eventually blending fashion into his travel images when he goes on his many trips.

Boboy Librodo: The Eye on Photojournalism
Ask Manny who is his mentor and he will say his brother. Boboy will discuss photojournalism as an art form. Imagine going to the streets and coming up with award winning images. You might after attending this class.

Jay Jallorina and Edwin Martinez: Immersion: Working the Scene
Expect a Landscape Masterclass from the Chasing Light boys as they spill the beans on what they go through to get their inspiring images. I've been given a glimpse of their lecture and if you are a landscape enthusiast you should attend this because a lot of their stuff is eye opening. 

Tom Epperson: The Beauty of One Light

Tom is the author of Issue 38 main article and what more fitting for him to give a Master Class on using One Light. Tom is a top shelf fashion photographer in the country and is a technician. He'll break it down for everyone and show the different techniques to achieve certain looks using just one light.

Pilar Tuason: Let's Talk About Beauty
The countries sexiest photographer (she will kill me if I don't say it) will show photographers how to add a feminine touch to photographing beautiful women. Its different when a guy photographs a girl and when a girl photographs a girl. You'll see how Pilar does it from lighting to posing the model.

Per-Andre Hoffman: Professional Travel Photography
Per is a leading travel professional who has shot for prestigious magazines such as NAT GEO. He is a Canon Brand Ambassador for both cameras and print. He had a recent print show using Canon printers and his work was awesome. His style for travel photography is quite unique. During his lecture, Per will share his travel and photography secrets and show how he produced his excellent latest work.

Jo Avila: Strobist Techniques and Light Painting
Jo will teach the strobist and light painting techniques that he uses for his professional and commercial work. He will show shots that were all done either with a single flash gun or a single flashlight. Jo will also discuss how to modify the light quality of an artificial light source in order to produce a natural looking effect.

Dino Lara: Wedding and Photojournalism
A Canon Brand Ambassador, Dino Lara has been in the wedding industry for quite some time and has seen trends come and go. In this class, Dino will lecture on why photojournalism is still a popular style for weddings and will share the tips and techniques to make you a good wedding photojournalist.

Doc Marlon: Getting started in Fashion Photography
Ever wondered what it takes to become a fashion photographer in the country? Hear from one of the leading fashion photographers today as he shares his trials, tribulations, and success over the years. The Doc will share shooting techniques and give the pointers to help you get started in this genre.

Lito Sy: Modern Techniques for the Modern Day Wedding Photographer
In this lecture, master wedding photographer Lito Sy, will share with you the techniques every photographer should know if you want to make it in today's wedding industry. Not only will Lito discuss technical aspects but he will also discuss the modern styles and trends used around the world. You don't have to be an aspiring wedding photographer to appreciate this lecture.

Stay tuned for more.

 Schedule Taken from DPP

Map so you won't get lost taken from DPP


Pilar Tuason: Beauty
If you attended last year's event, you may have participated or seen a Live Shoot with Pilar and a beautiful model. Pilar has committed to another live shoot this year so if you wall want to see a professional in action, this is your chance as Pilar will shoot 6-7 different sets of the model. After the actual shoot, Pilar will review and deconstruct the shoot in a classroom. The shoot is sponsored by CANON PHILIPPINES.

Wesley Villarica: Lighting and Working on Location

Wesley will show you how to think on the spot, analyze your location, set up lights, and come up with images worthy of a fashion editorial for a magazine. The shoot will also be done around high noon so if the sun shines on Saturday, Wesley will show how to work with harsh light. If its overcast, Wesley will show how to work with that too. Its a lighting location primer that you all don't want to miss.

Jo Avila: Food Photography, a Primer
Jo will teach the basics on how to light and shoot food. He will also discuss the nuances of working with the food stylist and how to avoid the common problems beginning food shooters usually encounter. This shoot is sponsored by CANON PHILIPPINES


Free camera and lens cleaning for all Canon Shooters. Make sure you get in line early.
Free firmware upgrade for all Canon Shooters. Again, get there early.

Free lens cleaning for first 50 Nikon users who purchased from CDSC. You better get there early for this.

As for tomorrow's weather, I got this from Sir Edwin Martinez's post in DPP. 

I hope the sky is clear all day and all night.

I won't skipping this for any other event unless.... XD

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  1. Wah! June 4 again! It's raining events this June 4 and I am not happy about it, in a sense that I can only attend one event at a time! Grrr.

    My frustration about it here - No to Grand Prix Singapore.


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