Sunday, May 8

The week that was (May 1 - 7)

Sunday: I got up early despite lack of sleep plus it was already my only rest day for the week. I took Migmig outside for her daily dose of sunshine. Then I did some laundry despite feeling sleepy and a bit heavy before buying Sunday's paper. Since it was Labor day today, I went to Mendiola to witness an actual rally staged by various groups. Most of the protesters wanted regularization from their jobs and an across the board wage increase and benefits. While taking pictures of the event, I do feel their sentiments as I myself works contractually with no benefits for me and my family in the event something happens to me. But anyway, all is temporary as I am in search for a better life for my family. I went back home to rest and have lunch together with my wife before going to SM Mall of Asia to shoot its Flores de Mayo (I'll create a separate blog fop this). Though I wasn't able to finish the event (due to paternal duties XD), I got to learn a thing or two from the event again. I had my early dinner at Sakae Sushi but I felt unsatisfied with their options. I might look for other buffet spots soon. I went to Hypermart to look for my baby's diapers but it wasn't available there so I went to SM Manila to buy Migmig's diapers as well as other groceries needed. I got home at around 9:00pm as I felt really tired and exhausted. I wenty online for a few more hours before finally calling it a day.

Monday: I got up early again to take out Migmig for her daily dose of sunshine. Then we went back hoping I would be able to watch NBA. It was supposed to be my rest day but since my new rest day would be Fri-Sat, my schedule was again adjusted. I left home early so that I won't be late. I got in the office early but my colleague wasn't able to report because its his birthday so I was left alone for the day. I was able to manage while waiting for the next shift to arrive. I kept myself busy by going online to various websites and blogging as I have my baon with me so that I don't have to go out to buy some food for my shift. My fellow colleagues arrived early and we were able to get some tickets done before I left the office. Now that my log-off time is at 11:00pm, I would be able to go home a few minutes past midnight like that night.

Tuesday: I got up early hoping to watch NBA. I got to watch NBA but it was not on cable tv but rather from a local channel. My wife and I went to SM Manila to look for an air-con since our baby gets irritated with the weather. We went to SM Appliance Center to find the one that we need. It took us a while before choosing the right brand as were paying good money here and we won't settle for anything else especially if its for the welfare of our baby. Sine choosing the right brand and testing it took up more than 2 hours, I informed my office mates that I won't be able to report for the day. One of them called back saying one of my colleagues won't be able to report as well. I told them to call my cellphone if they need something. After having lunch, I went upstairs to get some sleep despite the humid weather. I was able to doze-off for 3 hours which helped me one way or another. I went online that night until I felt sleepy and gone to bed.

Wednesday: I got up early to take Migmig out. But unfortunately, the sun was hiding beneath the clouds so we just went out for some fresh air. We were expecting my wife's contact to have our air-con installed. He arrived at past 8:00am and we started installing the air-con. We arranged our room, so that the electrician would be able to install it without much hassle. I had to run some errands to purchase some things that was needed for the installation. After installing the air-con, I had to put some barriers on spots where air could pass out and it took me a while before I got to put them. I was able to have my late lunch before going to work. I got in the office at 4:20pm (2 hours, 20 minutes late) and I started to work some tickets and monitored some server's too. I left the office just in time to see if they have already tried to use the air-con. When I got home, they haven't used it yet so I turn it on to cool up our room for my baby to have a good sleep though I think I slept past midnight. 

Thursday: Got up late at 7:30am as my body feels really heavy from the lack of sleep for the past few days. I took Migmig down to get some fresh air for a while before I went back in. It was her first bath today and I got to take some pictures of her. Maybe the following day, I'll take more. I left home at around 10:30am to meet my mom at Harrison Plaza. My journey there made me more cautious as I almost got victimized by a pickpocket. If it wasn't for my keen senses, I have lost some money but more importantly, the cards in it. I went to SM on the third floor to get my daughter some extra sando. My mom arrived a few minutes later and we got what we needed. I had to cool down at Chowking with their halo-halo as its been almost a year since I've enjoyed it. I got in the office at 1:00pm with an extra hour to spare. I went to The Enterprise Center to check-out again their shoe sale as they gave as much as 70% discount on a pair. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find a pair that I really liked. Perhaps the one I liked were the latest. Then while checking my emails, I was tempted to take this offer from Metro Deal Philippines. It was an eat-all-you-can buffet at Barbara's in Intramuros which you will only spend 250 pesos (all-in) per person instead of the 545 pesos they usually offer. I got two vouchers for 500 pesos and paid already at BPI via over-the-counter payment method. After a few minutes, I got a confirmation that they have already received the payment and sent me the vouchers online. Now my problem is to schedule our dinner date there XD. By dinner, It took me a while to decide where to eat until I ended up at Mang Inasal. Then I went back to complete my shift. I took a cab going home since I really wanted to get home early. When I got home, my wife and baby are asleep  but the air-con is off so I turned it on to make our room cool.   

Friday: I got up at almost 7:00am still feeling tired and sleepy but I had to take Migmig down for her daily dose of sunshine. However, the sun was hiding again so we just walked around the neighborhood and went back in. We prepared for Migmig's first check-up with the pedia but it took us a while before we got ourselves ready. It even took us a longer time to get a cab since were waiting in a wrong location. Good thing we got a cab after moving to another spot. In the nick of time, we had our daughter listed for her first check-up. Then we went to several places in the hospital to secure the documents we need for my wife and for my daughter. Then we went back to the 10th floor where Migmig's Pediatrician is located. Both of us were anxious on how would the check-up would go and it turns out to be just fine as her doctor gave us some reminders on taking good care of her. Then we had lunch at Pancake House since Starbucks was full of people for their promo. Then we went to my wife's doctor for her check-up. It took us a while before my wife's turn as her doctor was busy assisting other patients. Probably, we spend more than 6 hours in the hospital for their check-up before going home via bus. My wife's best friend paid us a visit as she wanted to see Migmig. Then I went online for a few hours before soaking some laundry for me to wash the next day. I went to bed at past 11:00pm and made sure everyone sleeps well before falling asleep.

Saturday: I got up a bit early but took me a while to stand up as I feel tired from the previous day. I was able to do some laundry before going online for a few hours. I left home at past 1:00pm as almost everyone was using the bathroom for the time being. I was supposed to attend the Metro Comic Con but when I got there, I lost interest because I felt so sleepy, taking my camera out of my bag was a tedious task for me. I just strolled around the mall and killed some time before deciding to go back to SM Centerpoint to look for some stuff for our baby. While I'm at SM Megamall, I got to include some books on my wishlist which includes a book on photography that almost made me buy it at instant. I also saw some non-photography books which I added on my wishlist. When I got to SM Centerpoint, I went to the baby section right away to look for my baby's bath tub and a sling for my wife. I was able to find those and told the saleslady to reserve it for me. I felt hungry so I went to Shakey's to grab something to eat. Their staff offered me to get a Pizzanatic Card and I grabbed it since I've been wanting it for the longest time. I got full with the pizza that I wanted. After dinner, I bought all the things that I need and went straight home. Unfortunately, it was raining hard so I had to kill time for an hour before being able to go home. My daughter was still awake when I got home so we were able to have a good time before we put her to sleep. I got to sleep early at 11:30pm which is a first for me in a long while.

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