Sunday, May 8

Mini-Cupcakes by "Baked by Anita"

Thanks to Mercato Centrale's Online Contest, I got myself a dozen cupcakes from Baked by Anita. The last time I've eaten a cupcake was like years ago which I got tired of the same old cupcake in a pouch with plain-tasting filling.

Without hesitation, I went again to Mercato Centrale to claim my cupcakes. It was a rainy morning when I got there and most people were glued to where they stand as the bout between Paquiao and Mosley was about to begin. Even I got glued to where I was standing at too. Good thing I got to try Merry Moo's Candied Bacon Ice Cream and I liked the slight-salty taste of bacon in it and at the same time, its quite different tasting cold bacon. I also tried an Ilocano Empanada but I noticed that the fillings weren't enough for me. 

After the bout, I went to Baked by Anita and in the nick of time, I was able to meet the person responsible for the mini cupcakes. She told me how she makes it from scratch and how it is different compared with other cupcakes available in the market. She really knows her product and I know she will get a lot of clients with that. 

But I had to get back to the office for my 2:00pm shift but before ended my visit, I ordered a burger from Big Bob's and another one from Monster Burger. Those burgers really made me full and probably I'll visit Mercato again to try all the burger's there. 

Here are the rest of the pictures. XD

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