Thursday, May 5

Beware of Pick Pockets like The Laglag Barya Gang

Early this morning, when I went to meet my mom at Harrison Plaza boarding a jeep, a bulky fellow sat beside me and the driver. I noticed his unnecessary movements as he pushes me towards the middle part of the jeep near the gear-stick. Then he asked me if I could pick his coin for him as it dropped in my foot. It took me a minute to find the coin as I picked it up and gave it to him. Then we continue our journey. 

But I noticed that when he was to get his change, I noticed his wallet. I immediately noticed our picture as well as the cards inside. I gave him a cold stare and he gave the wallet back to me saying it fell from my pants. He even told me that the money inside was still intact. After getting my wallet, I placed it immediately inside my bag. Then he left the jeep after a few minutes as he saw his companions walking down the street. 

One of the passengers told me that I was almost victimized by a member of lag-lag barya gang which one of their modus operandi is to drop a coin and ask you to pick it for them as they slither their way to your wallet. Good thing I have keen eyesight plus the front and side mirrors of the jeep which made me see what he actually did. He probably thought that I didn't noticed. He took the bait and gave him a cold stare and a smile. For tonight, he will be breathing his last breath.

I got to Harrison  Plaza safe and my wallet still with me.

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