Saturday, May 7

Free Comic Book Day 2011

For most people who don't know, before I got hooked with Men's Magazine (like FHM, Maxim, UNO etc), I was hooked with reading comic books be it locally or internationally published.

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I just saw this event from my friend's facebook account and I got interested which I searched for more links about the event. I felt nostalgic missing my very old Tagalog Comic Books back in San Pedro and probably someone else was able to read it and share it with others.

Today will be a free comic book day which will be held in Comic Odyssey, Robinson's Galeria Branch (I'm sure this would also be held simultaneously on . This year is the 10th Anniversary of Free Comic Book Day and we promise...this will be the biggest one yet!

There will also be guests artists to give-out free sketches to those who will be present today so I'll head off to Robinson's Galeria to grab myself a free comic book XD.

You may read the entire details here, here, here, and here.

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