Thursday, May 19

Where to go this coming Saturday

Believe it or not, there are four events that I could try attending to. Impossible? Probably if you don't know how to manage tour time and skills. I can go to two events in a single day. But four? This would be a challenge for me XD. 

Anyway, you may want to stop by to these events if you have time. 

1. Free Comic Book Day at participating Fully Booked Outlets

I missed the last Free Comic Book Day so I have to attend this one XD.

2. The Thousand Crane Project

This event seems to be interesting.

3. Yummy Eats: A cooking and eating fair

This would be the second foodie event I'll be attending for free. Lovely isn't it? XD

4. Bimmerfest 2011

I would make this my last stop before calling it a day.

I hope my wife and daughter would approve of my time-off. And if they approve, I'll definitely write about my experience there.

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