Sunday, May 1

Flores de Mayo sa MOA Revisited.

Early this afternoon, I went back to SM MOA to attend the Flores de Mayo sa MOA event. As I recall from my experience last year, I got to try my 50mm lens for the first time in that event and I learned a lot from the experience since then. I know I could do better but my challenge is to do it in a short amount of time. My wife let me go there but I have to be home early for our baby's needs XD. 

It was a hot Sunday afternoon when I got there. As expected, most of my friends pass-up on this event as they're busy shooting something else XD. I saw some of my photography friends from other photography groups and we just exchanged pleasantries before I move on to look for a good position to shoot the "Sagalas" from the stage but I wasn't able to find one. I did what I did last year, wait for the "Sagalas" to com out from the car and take a picture before they go to the dressing room. 

I got to take some shots of probably 2 or 3 "Sagalas" as night time is getting neare (and my time is almost up). I wasn't able to take more shots (as well as those whom I wasn't able to see earlier). 

Anyway, I'll just do better next year and hoping I would have more time than today.

As usual, pictures to follow soon XD.

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