Saturday, April 30

Mercato Centrale Re-Visited!

Mercato Centrale Re-Visited

Early this morning, I went back to Mercato Centrale to try out other food finds there as well as see if the weekend treats there are really worth it.

After going to the office first, I took a cab going to BGC. Mercato Centale is now located at the corner of 34th street and 8th avenue just beside MC Home Depot.

Some entertainment to keep you company XD

I went in to check out some new food finds for me. I noticed some of the food concessionaires that I saw previously were not there anymore. Anyway, I'm looking for something new here XD.

Serving my first meal for the day XD

After some thought, I tried Mad about Spud's Beef Lasagna (100 pesos) and Cheesy Potatoes (40 pesos) by Juana Kitchen. The Lasagna tastes just good but the Cheesy Potatoes are a hit for me. The cheese made it good plus the potatoes are bite-sized so its more fun to eat.

Cheesy Potatoes

Beef Laagna

Still feeling hungry, I tried Chuck's Grubberie beer-battered dory and chips (150 pesos). Both fish and chips were a bit cold plus its too salty for my taste (maybe one of the staff put excess salt into it). The food being cold has lost impact on its crispiness but I felt the taste of beer in its batter. For two pieces of fish for 150 pesos, I find it a bit pricey. And I got surprised when I requested for an additional garlic mayo dip and the staff told me that would be an additional 50 pesos. Its also the cost of an additional fish to the menu. Unfortunately, I didn't finish my chips as I felt a bit full after while eating.

Beer-battered Dory

Some chips

Chuck's Grubberie beer-battered dory and chips

After eating, I passed by Merry Moo's booth and I got a sample of their Sea Salt Caramel and Earl Grey Tea. After tasting both of them, I got a scoop of Sea Salt Caramel (70 pesos) and a scoop of Belgian Chocolate (55 pesos from 75 pesos since I got 20 pesos off on the second scoop). I like the Sea Salt Caramel that much as its a little bit salty but sweet thanks to the caramel.

Belgian Chocolate

Sea Salt Caramel

Two scoops are always better than one. XD

I was thinking if I would bring pasalubong back home or not. My mother-in-law loves polvoron so I got two packs of assorted polvoron for 160 pesos (80 pesos per pack) from Double Delights Food Products.

Double Delight's Polvoron

Then I passed by Medchef again to order their Bread Pudding Creme Brulée (200 pesos) I passed by their booth earlier and I got to sample both their Bread Pudding Creme Brulée and their Flourless White Chocolate Mango Torte. Both of them taste good but I had to choose only one for now and I chose the former. To my surprise, they add sugar to my Bread Pudding Creme Brulée and melted it in front of me to my delight. I hope my wife would love it when I take it home tonight.

I wish I have bought this as well. XD

And finally, I had to go to Mochiko's booth to try their ice-cream-filled mochi (Japanese Rice Cakes). They were almost out of products but I was able to try their Black Sesame Mochi (70 pesos). One of the staff told me to wait for at least 3-4 minutes before eating my mochi as it was still hard as a rock. After a few minutes, I got to enjoy eating my mochi. It was like eating frozen "bilu-bilo" but it has ice cream on it.

Mochiko's Black Sesame Mochi

To my surprise, I felt full after only a few visits to some of the booths as I was hoping to eat more XD.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to take my wife and baby here soon. ^_^.

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