Monday, May 23

First Feat at Yummy Eats

Last Saturday, I went on an event-hopping within the BGC area. My second stop was at NBC Tent to attend YummyEats: A cooking and eating fair. This would be my second (?) time to attend a foodie event for the year (this excludes my trips to Mercato Centrale XD).

When I got inside, one of the staff asked me where would I go. Of course inside right? She asked me if I already have the tickets and I told her I had to look for Ms. Minette Aquino. The lady told me to go to the registration table. When I got there, they told me to go to the other table. Same thing goes to the second table until I went back to the table where I started. Its a bit frustration telling you to go to this and that but doesn't yield any results. I got to meet Ms Minette Aquino and she handed me the tickets =).

Then I went inside the event proper. Based on the layout I downloaded previously, It was really organized and the grouped the concessionaires accordingly. I didn't know where to start first since I couldn't think straight when I'm hungry XD.

One by one, I slowly tasted the best of the best. I started from  Starbucks Coffee (just the same) to the unique dishes that I tried for the first time. As far as I can recall, the samples from Sabroso, Pino were an instant favorite of mine as well as the time and tested Merry Moo and Mochiko for desserts.

Though it was a challenge for me to try everything especially their cold desserts is because my tooth ached on me again, somehow I got to try all but 2 or 3 samples. I stayed there for probably 2-3 hours as I got really full with all of the delicious samples that I tried and I'm looking forward to attend another Yummy Eats sometime soon. 

Anyway, here are some decent shots that I made during the event. XD

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