Monday, May 23

My Free Comic Book Day Experience

I felt bad when I missed attending the first Free Comic Book Day since some of the blogs that I've read got more than 10 free comic books per person who attended aside from the big discounts and the opportunity to meet some of the well-known graphic artists and illustrators of our time.

When I got to Fully Booked at BHS, I got excited and hoping I could get atleast 5-10 free comics. But when I fall in line to get mine, the person manning the comic told me to pock ONLY ONE. My level of excitement was up down to almost zero as I just took some time to pick a comic and I got Spiderman plus some mini-comic books. 

When I got home, I felt like its ok, you can't be greedy since its just for free. Maybe from this,  my love for comic books will get back to life. Well, maybe.

My one-shot of the comics that I got to be posted soon XD.

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