Monday, May 23

The week that was (May 15 - 21)

Sunday: I got up a bit early to take Migmig out in the sun. Both of us bathe in the sun for 15-20 minutes before we went back home. I bought Sunday's paper before getting my things ready for work. I borrowed my wife's laptopso I could edit some pictures in the office. I bought my camera with me just in case I decide to go to fashion week making my bag really heavy XD. I got in the office in no time and started setting-up my things. Then, I checked my email and my friend who happens to be one of the organizers to the Fashion Week won't be able to attend due to personal matters. Hence, I skipped FW as well even if it took me forever to get a chance to attend. Moving on, I edited some pictures in the laptop as well as upload some of the Migmig's pictures on my wife's facebook account. My shift was quite a boring one but my attention was divided between photo-editing and going online. Getting dinner took me almost forever as I roamed the entire Greenbelt 1 and ended up ordering at Jollibee down in our building XD. I got to edit more pictures before going home at exactly 11:00pm. I took a cab going home so I could arrive early. My daughter was already sleeping while my wife was still up waiting for me. I probably slept at past 1:00am as my daughter got up and wanted to play with me.

Monday: I got up early again to have our morning sun with my daughter. I went also to the bank to pay for the coupon that I bought at 50% off. Great deal isn't it? Since, its my leave that day, it was all systems for us to go to the hospital for Migmig's first vaccine. Thank God it didn't took us a long time to hail a cab going to the hospital. Once we got to the hospital, my baby was 28th on the list while her doctor was only on his 10th patient. We went down to have lunch at Max's Fried Chicken on the hospital's second floor. We just had their combo meals since we don't have much money to order the more expensive ones. Then we went back up to my daughter's pedia to check if how long do we have to wait. We went to my wife's doctor for her vaccine shots. While waiting, we tried to take pictures and even a family picture which our little girl doesn't want to look at the camera XD. My wife was able to have her vaccine shot in no time while I took care of Migmig. All of a sudden, she cried like no tomorrow and I had a hard time pacifying her but I was able to pacify her after 10-15 minutes probably. Then it was my daughter's turn for her check-up. So far her signs were good. She was also vaccinated with BCG and in the middle of the session, she cried very loud that I never heard from her before for the past few weeks. That was also the first time I saw tears from her eyes. I know she felt pain from the needle but I know she'll get used to it. After their check-ups, we went to Ristras somewhere in Little Baguio, San Juan (I'll create a separate blog for this). After our meal there, we head for home but I promised to go back there to familiarize myself with the place's ins and outs. We got home early and relaxed for the rest of the day before going to bed.

Tuesday: Got up at past 6:30am again to take Migmig out for her sunshine.Then when we got back in, I felt sleepy that I took another 2 hours of sleep before getting ready for work. It didn't took me that long to travel to work. Work was quite smooth as I got to do some stuff online. It took me a while again to decide where to eat until I passed by Kenny Rogers for their Solo B meal. I kinda missed it though but I'd rather not visit their store often. I took a cab going home since I felt very tired and very sleepy. I got home in no time and rested for a while before calling it a day.

Wednesday: Got up a few minutes before 6:00am as my wife bugged me to get up since the sun was already up. I took out my baby girl for her daily dose of sunshine but there were certain locations where it kinda stinks so I just bathe her under the sun near our door. I went online for an hour to check on my pending transactions before going to BPI Bank in Legards to pay for 6 coupons for future use. I know my wife would kill me if she finds out but its alright. She'll thank me once its done XD. I left home at past 12:00pm and got in the office 30 minutes early. Since I have enough time, I went to SM Makati to buy some diapers for Migmig. I'm surprised that she almost consumed 48 pcs of diaper in a week compared with the previous weeks (she used all 48 in 2 weeks). I was also surprised that the cost of her diaper increased by almost 50 pesos.I got back in the office and started working on some tickets and monitored most of the servers. Since I didn't have money to spare, I simply had oats for dinner. Probably I'll try to tighten my belt and save more after getting a bit addicted to those groupons that I've been buying. At 11:00pm, I went home right away so I could get some much needed rest for the next day.

Thursday: Got up early again at 6:00am to take Migmig out for her sunshine. Even if I am getting 3-5 hours of sleep, being with my daughter makes me feel better always. She's getting bigger and bigger as days go by. Then we went back up and I went online for a few hours before getting ready for work. Once I got in the office, I went out again to buy some chicken wings from Buffalo Wings N' Things at Solaris Bldg., just a few blocks away from our building. I got back right away as I am the only one in the shift for the second straight day. Before 7:00pm, I went out again to get some soups at The Soup Kitchen which I got a good deal at 50% off. I was really stuffed after a very heavy dinner. At 9:00pm, I was quite busy installing a printer to one of the users in the US. Its my first time doing it so I got to learn a lot from it. After my shift, I went home right away to get some sleep that I need. But it turns out that my little girl is still up but when I was about to take a picture of her, she pretends to be asleep XD.

Friday: I got up early to take Migmig out for her daily sun. Good thing both the sun and my daughter cooperated which made me happy XD. After our morning sun, I went back to sleep and got up again after two hours. Today is my daughter's first month and I surprised my mom bay taking her and my wife to Harrison Plaza to meet her since I need to give the big bag to my mom. But going to hp was like traveling through the desert as the weather was really hot and humid. Our baby wasn't even spared. Good thing she was able to sleep all the way to hp as we took a jeepney ride going there. Once we got there, we went to Shakey's to have our lunch there. My mom arrived a few minutes after and was really surprised to see her granddaughter again. She almost forgot how to carry a baby since its been more than 25 years for her since she carried one. The food I ordered was a bit too many as my mom did not touch her plate (she ate already before meeting us). Then we went to Red Ribbon to buy a small cake for our baby before going back home via taxi cab. Traveling back home took a while as it was traffic almost everywhere plus the driver wasn't sure how to get there using the best route. When we got home, we loosened up a bit and put Migmig to sleep for an hour or two. When she got up, I took pictures of her and my wife as well as my wife's folks to celebrate my baby's first month. We had cake, left-over spaghetti and ice cream to share with. I went online for an hour or two to update my online stuff. Then we went up to bed but we didn't sleep early since our little girl wanted to spend time with mommy and daddy XD.

Saturday: I got up early to take Migmig out in the sun. While were outside, she cried like there's something wrong with her. It happens to be she's hungry so we went back to bed and have her mommy feed her. I did some laundry to lessen my load for the next day. I was about to leave home early to attend 4 events, my wife asked me to stay for a little longer since Migmig will be taking her bath. While waiting for her water to warm up. she peed on my shirt (yikes XD) so I had to change again XD. I left home at 9:30am and got to BHS at past 11:00am. I went to Fully Booked to attend the Free Comic Book Day first (I'll write a separate blog about it). I stayed at Fully Booked for a while reading a lot of interesting book particularly in photography and self-improvement. I only got one free comic book from the event (boo-hoo) before leaving BHS and went to NBC Tent to attend another event there called YummyEats (I'll write another blog about it). I got there at past 12:00pm and got my way in. I got really stuffed inside trying almost every free sample each concessionaire provides. The problem is I couldn't enjoy eating sweets and cold foods as my tooth hurts (the rotting one XD). I was supposed to attend the remaining two events but I felt tired already so I went home via FX at Market-Market going to SM Megamall and FX to Sampaloc from SM Megamall. I got home in an hour just in time for the Santa Cruzan here in our neighborhood. But I got disappointed on its outcome so I didn't bother to take pictures and went online for an hour outside (my wife is using the laptop) instead. Even if we went up to bed at 11:00pm, I think I slept at past 1:00am.

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