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My first DPP Anniversary Experience (DPP Unlashed)

This would be my first time to attend a major event courtesy of Digital Photographer Philippines Magazine.

Taken from their website

I have been a member of this forum since 2008 but I not that active until early May of this year. A former colleague of mine introduced me here when I got my DSLR in October 2008. Moving forward, I told most of my photographer friends that there would be a major event (this one) they shouldn't miss. I myself anticipated for this event as well as prepared myself though I didn't have that much sleep the night before.

I got up at around 5:30am to prepare, left home at 6:30am and got there at 8:30am. I could have been there earlier but I got hungry on my way, hence I took another breakfast at KFC. When I got there, I noticed a long but broken line near fully booked. I joined others in waiting for fully booked to open. One of the staff of DPP gave us the list of classes that we can attend to as well as the ID laynards. When I got my registration number, I was at 74 already considering that I got there early. Little did I know some came as early as 6:30am. The line started moving signaling its already 10:00am (original time of registration was supposed to be at 11:00am).

The line going to Fully Booked.

When I got in, I am shocked how long the queue was.

See the tail of the line?

Even before the registration has started, I took some snaps (I will be using this term instead of pictures/photos from here and beyond) to capture the emotion and excitement of the people here especially the early birds. Also, I have a list of classes to attend in mind which was for free. I have to make sure that I will learn a lot from these seminars. And I really did.

 It really pays to be early to pick the best classes for free XD

 People register for the classes inside fully booked.

Fully Booked's Curves

Fully Booked's Lines

While waiting for the class to start

First, a lecture on Epicscapes by Jay Jallorina, a well-known Landscape Photographer. I still remember his talk a few weeks back regarding different types of filters to be used for landscape photography. His talk reinforces what I have learned from before and how to capture the moment at the right time. I made sure to take pictures of the lecture (I did this also on his previous talk at phphoto eb).

I look back to see how many people were there. And the place was jam-packed.

No empty space inside fully booked.

The next seminar that I attended was with Ms Pilar Tuason on  Beautiful Portraits. Too bad we were not allowed to take pictures on some of her photos because of the client's request (or which thereof). I was hoping that she would give us some tips on how to enhance your portrait shots but I couldn't recall her giving any. But still, I had to get the most out of it.

Ms Pilar Tuason giving out some pointers

After that, me and my friends went out to join the biggest group hug ever. Also, I was able to join a photoshoot with the lovely Jasmine Meierhofer. Its not easy taking pictures given the fact that the photoshoot was jam-packed with a lot of people. Good thing, I was able to get a snap or two of Jasmine.

Photographed by Sir Aly Reyes. Find me here. XD

Jasmine doing what she does best

Tried changing WB here XD.

Shooting from a distance

Shooting with the crowd XD.

After the photoshoot, we went back to Fully Booked to attend other seminars. The place was filled with more people than during the afternoon. It was Mr Raymund Isaac who was giving his talk that time when we went back inside. I tried to get some freebies from the event and luckily, I was able to get a Basic DSLR book by Canon. I was able to check out Coanon and Nikon's latest products before I pushed my way into the crown towards the speaker.

Good thing we were able to secure some seats even if we shouldn't be there. The last topic is about de-constructing a photograph with Xander Angeles as the speaker. I was able to learn a lot from him even though I may not be able to apply his lighting techniques since I don't have the right equipment yet. By looking at his photographs, he (Xander) was able to teach us how and what lighting to be used in every shoot. Man, it really needs details and not just with ambient light alone or with simple lighting.

After all the talks by some of the famous Photographers, it was party time. We were entertained with the flair tending of some photographers. There were free-flowing beer and drinks as well as some pica-pica to ease the taste of alcohol. Its not bad getting a little bit drunk for free right? XD. Then the judging of the pictures were next. I was able to witness how 12 pictures (6 Landscapes and 6 Portraits) were judged and critique by the best photographers in the land. Some pictures were really critiques up to a point that probably that photographer would be really embarrassed if he/she is in front of the judges with his/her picture.

That event was really memorable for me because its my first and definitely not my last. I went home a little bit tipsy but nevertheless, very happy. XD


  1. Just uploaded the pictures I edited last June 11, 2011. My apologies for the very long delay XD.

  2. It would be nice to have a chance to attend this workshops / events as there are still a lot of skills and techniques needed to be learned in photography.

  3. It's nice for you to actually attend such free events, given that it will help improve your photography skills. I'm sure you're much better in taking pictures now, since this was way back when pa. :) And yes, it always pays to be early when a big event like this happens. :)

  4. How I wished I would be able to attend workshops like this. I am not good in taking photos but I am willing to learn =)

  5. Standout! Congrats for this, it really gives pay off to your work.

  6. Wow! What a line! Sounds like a great event for any aspiring photographer. Would you happen to know if they are doing this anytime this year or next year? I got a few friends who are just starting out in photography that would really love to attend this kind of event.

  7. It's good to know that there are events like these where you learn for free. Photography is such a fun hobby. But expensive too if you like to have the complete and latest equipment.

  8. wow! very inspiring and being early to an appointment is really good too! nice shots too! xx

  9. ang galing ng mga kuha ha.

    yung mga top view ang trip ko dito.

  10. Waaa, to many photographers in one place. Too many click and snap sounds for sure.

  11. Be it a photography or acting one, a workshop is a great tool to honed one's skill. Lucky ka friend.

  12. This looked like a fun and fulfilling event. Like Papaleng said, workshops can help people a lot, especially those determined to hone their craft.

  13. i love photography but i dont have the proper equipment . I must say i envy that you could afford such expensive equipment. Though some say not everyone who possesses DLSR are good on it . they still require proper training to make a full value of the art.

  14. Woah. Taking photos has many techniques pala... haha. I do not own a decent camera...but I'm planning to have one! The model above is so pretty. :)

  15. This is one great event for photography enthusiasts like you. You're fortunate to be one of the many participants. I hope we can see more of your masterpieces on a separate post or even another blog site... your photography site.

  16. It's an awesome event. It's great to see a group on photographers together, they'll be able to share each others talent.

  17. Astig bro! Mukhang masarap mag-attend sa mga ganitong klaseng events!


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