Friday, April 29

The week that was (April 17 - 23)

Sunday: I got up a bit early to do some online stuff and check on other things. We were supposed to attend the 12:00pm mass at St Anthony Shrine but instead, we decided to go to Edsa Shrine to hear the 3:00pm mass there. By the time I got all the Sunday's paper I need, we prepared ourselves to attend the mass there. We got there at past 3:00pm which we got late for Father Dave Concepcion's 3:00pm mass.We really missed listening to his lively and timely lectures regarding the gospel that he preaches as both my wife and I were a big follower of his. After mass, we went to National Bookstore to look for some good books to read (and eventually buy) but my wife got hungry all of a sudden so we went on the fourth floor to try the potato twist there. It was indeed crunchy since its deep-fried but to trace of oil was found in our potato. Then my wife wanted some HK Noodles but I was hesitant to buy her one since its not good for her health and for our baby but eventually, I got her one and shared with her. We went up to the fourth floor to go to NBS to read some more books. I got interested in the books by Robert Kiyosaki (known for his Rich Dad, Poop Dad Book). I think our stay there reading books took us for more than an hour and we didn't notice that it was almost 7:00pm. Then we head to Ronac Art Center in San Juan to try out Charlie's Grind and Grill (I'll be creating a separate blog for this).We got home probably at almost 9:00pm and both of us were really tired and excited for our baby's arrival.

Monday: I got up at around 7:00am as I got to go online for a short time only. Then my wife and I watched TV until noon then we prepared ourselves for my wife's check-up with her doctor at 3:00pm. Good thing we got there just in time and waiting didn't took us long before it was her turn. We were surprised with what her doctor said. She said that my wife has to be admitted to the hospital the next day as her IE was at around 3cm already. Both of us were excited and scared at the same time because it would be our first time to be parents to our baby girl (Name to be revealed soon). After her check-up, we went to SM Megamall to have our dinner at Bigby's. I took only a few shots but I didn't took some of the food shots as both of us were thinking of what will happen the next day. We got home at probably around 9:00pm. We told them of the news and they were happy and worried at the same time. Both of us went to bed at 11:30pm but we weren't able to fall asleep early. We simply exchanged our thoughts on her delivery the next day and we read her two books on pregnancy and parenthood. I closed our lights and looked at my wife's face as she was also awake. I told her how much I look forward to our future ahead.

Tuesday: I got up at around 7:00am while my wife followed a few minutes later. I wasn't able to eat well but I made sure my wife would take a light breakfast as advised by her doctor. We left home at 8:30am with two bags with us. We got to the hospital an hour later as we head straight to the delivery suite (I'll create a separate blog for my wife's 16-hour labor).We had lunch together as I told her not to be nervous or scared as I'll be with her. I've called office and told them that my were already in the hospital and I won't be able to report for a week (paternal leave). My OIC understood and wished my wife well. When I was having coffee and reading some magazines at Starbucks, her best friend called her cellphone and I was able to answer it. I told her to pay a visit and told her some updates as well as asked her to bring a pillow for me. I took an early dinner at starbucks again as I was so anxious on what time my baby will be born. They (my wife's best friend and my sister-in-law) arrived at past 7:30pm as both of them came from work. They kept me company for as long as they can but they have to go since they need to report for work the next day. It was almost midnight but my wife hasn't gave labor yet.

Wednesday: I have been awake for almost the entire night as I slept for an hour (from 12:30am-1:30am). I went out to Mc Donalds at Rockwell Center in Ortigas just beside The Medical City for a Quarter Pounder and Fries to go. I ate at our room while watching TV to keep my body and my spirit awake. Then at 5:45am, the doctor told me that they will be performing a cesarean on my wife since its been more than 15 hours and I agreed to ensure my wife and my baby's safety. In less than an hour, the operation has been finished. I got to see my newborn baby up close though I was not allowed to take pictures inside the operating room earlier (I gave my camera to one of the doctors there for them to shoot). One of the OR Nurses told me that I could take pictures of her before she was taken to the Nursery Room. I went back to our room and I fell asleep for at least an hour or so before my wife was taken to her room. She was still tired and groggy with the anesthesia she took earlier. Later in the afternoon, my mom and sister paid a visit as well as my mother in law and sister in law. I went out first to buy some pizza at Buon Giorno to feed our visitors. Their pizza were not as expensive as I think and its thin crust so I really liked it especially while hot. Then, I accompanied them to the nursery room for them see our baby. They were surprised because our baby was the largest in the nursery room. After everyone left that night, I had pizza for dinner which saves me some money for our hospital bill. I felt so tired that I think I fell asleep in no time.

Thursday: I got up early and got myself a strong coffee from Starbucks located on the ground floor of the building. My wife seems to be better though she needs more rest for her to breastfeed our baby. We went to the Nursery room before 11:00am to view our baby before my wife would breastfeed our baby but unfortunately, she was sleeping soundly when she went inside the nursery room. Then we went back and both of us fell asleep in the afternoon which I got up an hour later. I heard a knock and it was my wife's sister along with her best friend who paid us a visit. I took them to the nursery room and they were able to take a peek of our baby who was still sleeping. Since I ate up all of the pizza from yesterday, I went back to Buon Giorno to get some pizza again. As I was about to go up to our room, I saw my dad going there too. I joined him and lead him to the room which to my surprise, my wife's boss was there as well and he got my wife a whole banoffee pie from Banapple. Since they were late I just show our baby through my camera and they were surprised when I told them she was 7lbs 4oz heavy. They stayed for a while before finally gone home. I accompanied my dad to the bus going Edsa. My wife told me that she and our baby can be discharged tomorrow since both of their vital signs were good.I went to the fourth floor to get some additional pamphlets about taking care of your health as well as some ideas on certain sickness.

Friday: I got up earlier and had coffee again at Starbucks. I got myself a Grande Brewed Coffee with two extra shots of espresso. That mix was just right for me. Strong and flavorful though a bit expensive at 165 pesos XD. Then I went back to fix some things and called the Nursery Room if our baby can be discharged now and transferred to our room. It took us a while before she got to our room. Then my mom together with my sisters came to see our baby up close. The nurse in-charge gave us some instructions on how to clean the baby's poop as well as how to change her diapers. I went down to the billing department to get our total bill and I was surprised that our total bill didn't reach 130K all-in-all. I paid the remaining balance of almost 40K to the cashier and went back up to secure two clearance slips for my wife and my baby. Then at past 12:00pm, we hailed a cab going home. It was a fast and smooth ride going back home as we were greeted by my wife's folks back home. Weather was quite hot and humid as both of us tried to make sure that our baby won't feel the heat. I rested for a while before buying my wife's medicine and vitamins at Mercury Drug in Earnshaw and in Maceda (I have to travel quite far to be able to complete all my wife's needs). I had beef pares for early dinner which was a no-no for me being a Good Friday. I went back home walking since there was a Procession within our area as hundreds of devotees are there for the parade of the Black Nazarene.I was to tired but I know I have to adjust our sleep and we won't be able to sleep longer hours like we used to.

Saturday: I got up early despite lack of sleep as our baby was already up and crying. I took her down to get her some sunshine. I was supposed to go home to San Pedro today to get some clothes and take my magazines back home but I felt so dizzy. Instead, I went online to check stuff and read some blogs. Practically I stayed home the entire morning before going to SM Manila in the afternoon to relax and unwind as well as buy some stuff and diapers for our newborn. Then I went down to the food court to have Lechon rice for merienda. For some reason, my headache was gone after unwinding in the afternoon. I went online as soon as I come home to update my blog as well as do some blog hopping. I'm looking forward to this major adjustment in the years to come as a dad and be more responsible as well XD.

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